Friday, October 26, 2007

This Week's Podcast Now Available - Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood

I've just posted this week's chapter excerpt podcast. Listen to a first-chapter excerpt from my dark futuristic fantasy erotic romance "Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood" at:

What is Zytarri?

Zytarri is a star system far from our own. There are ten planets and a crimson sun in the Zytarri system. Six planets are known to be inhabited, including the planet Ebonnia.

Ebonnia is the eighth planet from the crimson sun. It is named for the goddess of dreams and the subconscious. It is called home by the Sangorrian race.

The Sangorrian continent is the largest mass of land on the planet Ebonnia. The founding race and the ruling body on the planet are the Sangorrians . They were once known as blood hunters and after centuries of trial and hardship have evolved to become the civilized, ruling body on Ebonnia. There are fourteen houses encompassing the ruling houses who thrive on the continent--seven matriarchal houses in the Aurora Valley and seven patriarchal houses in the Darlinean Mountains, each one named for one of the original settlers who fled to this star system seeking protection from annihilation. Virgin Blood deals specifically with two of the ruling houses--The House of Leah in the Aurora Valley, and the House of Favion in the Darlinean Mountains.

Virgin Blood is an erotic romance, it is a love story, it is dark fantasy, it is a story of a people whose hard-fought way of life is about to be ripped apart.

Wow. There are many layers to VIRGIN BLOOD, and as each layer is revealed, more is learned about the Sangorrian race and the individuals who populate the story. -- RRT Erotic

Virgin Blood. Katriel Saguna is heir to the House of Leah, descendant of an ancient predatory race once labeled bloodhunters. Centuries of vigilance have culminated in a guarded, civilized society able to trade peacefully with other worlds without fear of annihilation. Ingestion of blood is still a requirement for Sangorrians such as Katriel--dragon's blood being the main source for youth and unattached Sangorrians. Without it they would die.

The time has come for Katriel to bond with an offworlder--the Primary Alpha chosen by her mother. His will be the only human blood she will ingest. He will become her partner, her protector, her lover--and her source of life. Mating with him and consuming his human blood will also bring her into her full powers--something she desperately needs for her own protection, but loving him was not something she had anticipated.

But unexpected danger awaits on Ebonnia as a power-hungry, devious bloodsucker of another mutated species seeks to gain control and uses insidious methods to shackle the Sangorrian nature to his will. The civilized society Katriel has always known is about to be torn apart. Will Valyn be able to protect her or is he already too late?

Adrianna Dane is a master at world building and what she's created with Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood is phenomenal. -- TwoLips Reviews

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Fantastic! Riveting! Are just two words that this reviewer can categorically say about this book. -- Fallen Angel Reviews

Read excerpts from more reviews at my website.

Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood

a 2006 Dream Realm Finalist and a Romantic Times July 2007 Top Pick!!

"Passionate stories with adventurous heart"

Friday, October 19, 2007

Latest Podcast Now Available - Excerpt of If You Dare...

"If You Dare..." has that mysterious, dark, edgy quality featuring an attractive alpha male that is so delicious to read, particularly this time of year. Julian is that dominating, fantasy hero who seduces Rachel with a touch, a mesmerizing look, and body language that positively drips with sexuality. How could any woman resist, particularly at the stroke of midnight on All Hallow's Eve...

I envision you curled up in bed, on a bewitching dark and stormy night, reading this story, the only light in the room emanates from the ebook reader backlight and flickering, scented candles burning, your black cat curled next to you, a glass of chilled white wine on the table beside you, and a small, silverplated bowl of decadent dark chocolate resting next to the glass.

Suddenly, from the darkness, a naked male body rises up and turns toward you, his muscular chest covered in dark curling hair mere inches away. You feel a warm hand reach over to nestle at the juncture of your slick thighs and your heart stops beating for a fraction of an instant as those very strong fingers knead your pliant flesh.

You glance over at the shadowed outline of the man lying next to you. A gleam of white teeth, a glitter of intent in his emerald green eyes as his fingers begin to dance across your skin and he inches closer and closer, sending a burning hot blade of desire burrowing deep inside...

You look for your cat who was lying right beside you, but find he has disappeared. The man in your bed presses his moist lips to your sensitive earlobe. He nips playfully and you find it difficult to concentrate as spirals of pleasure undulate through your body. How can you possibly think of anything but the gorgeous male you have conjured to your bed?

You feel his moist breath tickle your ear, you feel his hand travel up your body, beneath your nighshirt....

"Read to me, love," he whispers in a deeply sexy voice, almost a purr, as his nimble fingers play your body like a fine instrument.

You think this erotic story is just the right length to drizzle a little steamy foreplay into what is bound to be a very satisfying night. How can you resist?

If you dare...

Keeping with the Halloween theme this month, this week listen to an excerpt from "If You Dare..." now available from Amber Heat.

Adrianna Dane, Author of Sensual and Erotic Romance

Passionate stories with adventurous heart...

If You Dare... (an adult contemporary erotic excerpt)

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New Podcast Excerpt Now Available for Fearfully Delicious

My latest weekly podcast excerpt is now available. This month I'll be focusing on my darker, steamy stories, several of which take place around Halloween. To start out the month I've posted an excerpt from Fearfully Delicious, now available at


Adrianna Dane, Author of Sensual and Erotic Romance
Passionate stories with adventurous heart...

He knows what she needs...what she fears...what she desires...

Podcast excerpt: Fearfully Delicious (a contemporary erotic excerpt) (

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5 Stars!! ...For so short a story, Fearfully Delicious is fabulous. As the tale begins, Ms. Dane brings us characters you feel like you already know, which is essential when dealing with limited pages. ... Not only did she provide characters to cherish, she managed to have a plot and some steamy sex scenes. ... Fearfully Delicious was a joy to read and I gladly recommend others to pick it up. You will not be disappointed... --Suni Farrar, JERR

4 1/2 Stars!! ...Fearfully Delicious describes this book completely. This short story quickly whets your appetite and definitely delivers a feast for your enjoyment. Although short, Ms. Dane does a wonderful job introducing the characters and their feelings. ... Needless to say, I enjoyed this sizzling story of two people in love with a little bit of fearful suspense thrown in for good measure... --Trang,