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Erotic Romantic Domination - Daimaen & Sylvie's Story

Erotic Romantic Domination - Daimaen & Sylvie's Story

This is not a new story, it's ancient as love and sex, as primal and soul-deep as any passion may run. Would you call it animal magnetism? Animal attraction? That primitive recognition of one mate for another, undeniably drawn one to the other - even in modern society, sometimes it can't be ignored.

Desire, romance, love, and secret fantasy aren't always found where we expect. It isn't always politically correct, it's certainly not polite. It's mot always safe.

A powerful, dominating man is a forced to be reckoned with. Some might run in the other direction. And then some will step forward into a world where they have never gone before.

Sexual charisma can blindside so swiftly and completely it takes one's breath away.  But just because a woman may not be experienced, doesn't mean she's necessarily a pushover either. Take Sylvie, which Daimaen certain wants to do, though usually a very caution and controlled sort of woman, may have finally met a man who can reach right into her soul, and draw out the woman within, that secret woman she has always yearned to be. She may be one who is his perfect mate--his perfect submissive. Sylvie has kept control all her life--be it in business, be it during sex, be it her past, or her future. Taking one small risk, may change everything. Sylvie has a gift to give, is Daimaen the right man to receive it?

Sylvie's Gift


Sylvie Taylor has never experienced sexual fulfillment, never felt uncontrolled desire. Her best friend, Allison Hunter, has kept secret her taste for the dark side of passion. Introducing Sylvie to sensually seductive Daimaen Sinclair, a Master of the game, has Sylvie yearning for the forbidden. But someone has made an attempt on Sylvie's life. Can Daimaen protect her, or is he the reason someone wants her dead?


Ms. Dane's story Sylvie's Gift isn't one of the normal BDSM stories. If you're looking for a loving, erotic tale of two people with a mystery thrown in, then grab this one. --Fallen Angel Reviews

 Sylvie's Gift is not for the faint of heart. It's very hot and well written, with good characters, but the main sexual theme of submission is not for everyone. Readers who don't mind their sex on the kinky side will definitely enjoy Dane's offering. --Romantic Times BOOKClub Magazine

Sex, power, and complete control are a few ways to describe this hot number. ...Sylvie's Gift is a powerfully hot book.  --The Buzz

I needed several glasses of ice water to make it through Ms. Dane's novel. --Coffee Time Romance


Sylvie was nervous and paced the living room floor, her stomach churning. What she had read on the Internet scared her to death. Of course, she was always one to assume the worst.

A knock at the door caused her to jump. She swallowed hard, then walked to the door and opened it.

Very male, very dark, very…arousing. He was dressed in white Dockers and a navy blue polo shirt that set his caramel tan off to perfection. Damn, he looked good enough to eat. Her heart pounded in anticipation. The memory of her Internet search was fading fast.  His eyes slowly surveyed her from her feet to her head. Each nerve
in her body reacted as those rich dark-brown eyes slid upward. Her hands clenched and unclenched. She felt naked beneath their intensity, or maybe it was just the way the cloth of her sundress rubbed against
her sensitive nipples.

He hesitated at her breasts. Her breathing increased and her nipples beaded. She felt them swell, as though demanding to be touched.  Sylvie saw an appreciative golden gleam in his eyes and a smile curved those sensuous well-shaped lips. What she wouldn’t do right now to feel their touch on her body.

“You look beautiful, Sylvie. Quite lovely. Are you ready to go?”

She couldn’t get her voice to work, so she just nodded. She turned and grabbed her purse and a white cardigan to wear over the floral yellow-print sundress.

She cleared her throat. “I don’t know where we’re going—is there anything else I should be bringing? Different shoes, a heavier jacket?”  She was trying to get him to tell her what their destination was.

“I’ll take care of everything. You only need to bring yourself.” He stood aside for her to precede him out the door.

Well, that didn’t get her far. She still didn’t know where they were going.

As she walked past him, he stopped her with a light hand to her forearm. His fingertips trailed a lazy path from her shoulder to her fingertips and she shivered.

She looked up at him, knowing there was uncertainty in her eyes, and most likely, some fear. “This scares me, you know. I think I’m out of my depth here. I get the feeling you’re way out of my league.”

He curved his arm around her waist and guided her to the bank of elevators. “Nothing is going to happen that you won’t like. I only want to give you pleasure. Today we’ll just get to know each other better.  You’ll enjoy it, believe me. Think of it as a little adventure, someplace you’ve never been before. You like discovering new places, don’t you?  Finding a new restaurant is always fun. Discovering new tastes you
didn’t know you’d like, that’s enjoyable, isn’t it?”

Sylvie nodded her head. “Yes, but I somehow don’t think this is the same thing.”

They stepped into the elevator. He tapped the garage level button to take them down, and the shiny silver doors closed. Daimaen turned to her, his heated gaze fusing her to him.

“Do you know how much I want to have you naked right here, right now? I wonder what you’d do if I asked you to strip?”

She was surprised by the jolt of excitement that shot through her at the thought of exposing herself in such a public place. She saw it in her mind, just a flash that made her wet. The hooded, lazy look in his eyes as he studied her seemed as though he knew what the thought of such an exhibition was doing to her.

Daimaen’s fingers caressed her arms, shivers ran through her. She held her breath as he ran one warm, thick finger along the inside edge of her halter style top, tracing from her collar bone to the dip between her breasts. “No,” he murmured, a small smile on his lips. “Not today.  Another time, maybe.” He removed his finger and turned away from her as the doors to the elevator slid open and he guided her toward his car.

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Delicious Sinn - Coming soon as an original free ebook on Goodreads

Hello All,

Are you ready for summer? I sure am. I actually got some seedlings to sprout. Spent some time yesterday transferring the tomatoes and basil to larger pots. So far they've survived the transplant. Keep your fingers crossed because I so have a brown thumb. Soon, hope to be transferring the lavender, rosemary, sweet peppers, and oregano.Yikes! I am so out of my element here.

So how about some steamy summer reading?

I'm taking part in a huge gala writing, and reading, event courtesy of the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads ,called "Love Is Always Write." There will be 149 free stories written by a broad spectrum of authors available for download throughout the coming 2 1/2 months. My story, "Delicious Sinn" will be one of those books. This isn't a "sip" sort of story, it's 30,000 words so fully realized. "Delicious Sinn" will be available to download in a number of popular e-reader formats. Boy, was I inspired by the imagery and reader prompt. Delicious. :-)

Here's a little bit about my story for this event.


Two men, born with a Montana-bred sense of adventure. Neither stays, both leave to make their fortune. Each walked a different line, made different choices. Both ended up in Seattle. One a jaded and scarred rocker with no dreams left; the other a young photo journalist who has a gift for dealing with wild things.

Both men have secrets. But one night's chance encounter in a Seattle nightclub, will likely change their lives forever....

Join the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads to see the photo and reader prompt that fueled "Delicious Sinn."

To join the GR M/M Romance Group follow this link:

To check out the prompt and photo to discover the inspiration behind the story::

Here's a small taste of "Delicious Sinn."

Excerpt for Delicious Sinn

Will took another sip of his beer, leaned against the bar, and watched the dancers gyrating on the dance floor. His sights were fixed to the tall blond with the wild, naturally curly hair, more wave than tight curl. There was an intensity about him. His black T-shirt, darkened and drenched with sweat, clung to his tightly-packed chest. Black leather pants settled close to lean hips, hugged his richly-muscled thighs, enhancing every nuance of swivel, screw, and thrust. Every flex of his tight ass as he whirled on the dance floor, drew hungry, covetous eyes from more than one corner of the nightclub.

Will was a patient man, perhaps more so than most. He'd waited this long, a few more hours wouldn’t hurt. The cold draft soothed his parched throat. His gaze circled the club, studied the occupants, then returned to the dance floor. Laced leather thongs encircled the rocker’s bulging biceps, slender whips of leather trailed free lashing, swinging with the heavy metal rhythm. A grin crossed the blond’s features as a Medusa’s Thorn tune blasted through the room; the blond’s voice–as lead vocalist screamed the lyrics. Sinn Midnite, up and coming rhythm guitarist, lead singer, songwriter.

Fuck me, beat me, you’ll never keep me. A strong bass and gut-pounding drumbeat pulsed and throbbed through the nightclub igniting the dancers.

The blond surged forward and cupped a hand around the nape of his dance partner, yanked him forward and ground his mouth against his partner's lips. The shorter, younger man was engulfed by the more assertive, tall blond. A thin reed blown, claimed, and tossed about by the fierce tornado; it gobbled him up with little compassion. Lust - dance lust - blood lust. Crushing force. The music screamed, it jarred, it incited.

No way to break me, no way to destroy me. It’ll be me killing you first.

Blinding yellow and red lights strobed across the dancers. Will remained intrigued by the potent foreplay occurring on the dance floor. The smaller man with the straggly purple and black hair was no match for the more dominant blond. The younger man easily gave way beneath the dynamic dark energy of the rocker. Will surmised there was no way for him not to break beneath the driving onslaught. The possession would be fast and it would be final.

The blond knew exactly how to play him. Or would have, if he hadn't lacked self-control. On stage, Sinn’s angry forceful immersion into music worked for him. Here, that very same passion worked against him. An instrumental genius, most certainly. But here, with this instrument in his hand–this instrument of opportunity required a steadier hand than his–a very different sort of skill.

In the meantime, while you're waiting, be sure to check out my latest releases, "Joe Gallant," and "White Lightning."