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Sequestered Passion Receives a Recommended Read


Judge Eliza O'Brien has always lived her life under the harsh, unforgiving spotlight of public approval, dedicating herself to serving the letter of the law. Until the night she meets Joseph Acosta and forms a passionate, sensual--and private--relationship discovering a part of herself she never knew existed.

To publicly admit her love and need for Joseph, a man with a reputation for enjoying alternative sensual delights--will jeopardize everything she's worked so hard to achieve in her life. The time has come when she must choose to live in the kaleidoscope of life-giving passionate color she has discovered with Joseph or suppress her desires and return to the emotionless black and white publicly acceptable boundaries of courtly justice. Common sense tells her there is no way to meld the two parts of her life into one fulfilling whole--or is there?

5 Angels and a Recommended Read from Fallen Angel Reviews

"Sequestered Passion has been expertly written and provides a wonderfully insightful look into the BDSM community and the worries that people entering the community for the first time may have. All of the love scenes, including the ones that contain light bondage, have been sensitively done and the whole book makes for a wonderful read. ...This is a fantastic book, and I would recommend Adrianna Dane's work without question... --Heidi, Fallen Angel Reviews

An Excerpt from Sequestered Passion:

At last conquering the intense scrutiny of the metal detector, and the close inspection of the guards, he replaced the contents from the small plastic tray back into his pockets. He'd been detained at a meeting and was running a little late so, of course, he couldn't make it through with strictly one pass--no, it had taken three before they'd eventually patted him down and finally used the wand to detect any illegal contraband.

Walking along the quiet corridor, he approached the heavy oak door to Courtroom No. 5, then opened it and slipped inside. The guard glanced at him and nodded, recognizing him from many past encounters. He was as familiar with Joseph as any of the other countless attorneys who passed through these doors, both in defense and prosecution of the many cases presented before the judge.

The room was packed to capacity with no seating available, so he stepped to the side, leaning against the back wall. It was a high profile case and the whole city would be interested in the final verdict and the resulting sentencing.

Although Joseph was as interested as any of the occupants in the room, it was the judge herself that Joseph Acosta's attention was focused on.

Judge Eliza O'Brien. His Eliza. No one had the least inkling of their relationship. It afforded him a great deal of pleasure to know that the luscious body hidden beneath that unobtrusive black robe belonged to him.

It was Eliza's choice to keep her two worlds separate. He was certain no one had the slightest indication of the passion that broiled beneath the smooth, calm exterior of the judge now seated on the bench.

But he knew. He knew exactly the seething waters that had taken Eliza thirty-five years to accept as her due. Joseph had been the one to open that door for her.

Although she'd finally offered her submission to him in one sense, she still held facets he'd been unable to conquer in her. Like her fear of what people would say if they knew about her lifestyle outside of the persona of all-knowing impartial judge.

He smiled as he thought of that impartiality. Looking at her now, with her honey-colored hair pulled back into an elegant, tight twist, her eyes the color of the Atlantic Ocean on a frigid day, all emotion locked away--the acceptable picture of what society expected of someone in her position--especially a woman. Impeccable reputation. Tastefully perfect. Totally sexless.

Meeting her at a small political gathering hosted by his friend Daimaen Sinclair and his lovely submissive, Sylvie Taylor, he'd known of Eliza, but had never had the occasion to meet her socially. Although they were, strictly speaking, both part of the legal profession, she didn't exactly travel in his particular circles. And he found hers boring and unimaginative.

But on that night everything changed--for a brief span of time their two worlds had entered the same sphere. He'd seen something in her twilight-blue eyes that had speared his interest. It was a needy, unfulfilled longing. As he circuited the gathering, he'd studied her closely as her gaze seemingly trailed Daimaen and Sylvie about the room. He saw her expression darken when Daimaen happened to slide a hand along the length of Sylvie's back to inch beneath the slippery material of her clinging dress.

Surmising that if Daimaen was hosting this party for her, then she must be acquainted to some extent with his lifestyle, he found himself intrigued. Knowing that, Joseph was more than curious as to how deep her knowledge went, and that caused his predatory instincts to surface.

She'd stood at the side of the room, greeting people graciously, with a perfect, cool smile on her composed face. But it was her eyes that told him a different story. They were the reason he'd eventually crossed the room to introduce himself. In the time they'd known each other since, it had been the only time they'd acknowledged each other publicly beyond courtesy.

His attention was brought back to the courtroom as she turned her elegant head and nodded to the bailiff. He opened the side door and the jury members filed into the room and took their seats in the jury box. The verdict was handed to the bailiff and he turned and handed the slip of paper to the judge.

Joseph watched as she nodded to the bailiff who stepped away. The stenographer, with hands poised, awaited the first words to be spoken, ready to memorialize the moment. The room hushed in anticipation.

Every movement so controlled. He admired her command of the courtroom. He liked it even more when he controlled his girl in private. When she lay writhing beneath him, naked and wanting, and willing to do whatever he directed her to do.

His erection grew thick and pressed against the front of his trousers at the memory of their last encounter.

Every time he saw her with her public face firmly in place, he imagined her in private, accepting everything he gave her--be it a soft loving, a hard fucking, or a sensual spanking. She warmed to every moment, eager to please him, urgent to submit to every sensual moment he wanted her to experience. The only one in control during those times was him--and she handed it to him willingly. He would have had it no other way.

As he watched her now, he marveled at her ability to separate these two very different parts of herself--that there was no hint of the fiery woman hidden beneath the black robe of justice. But he also knew that was the very reason she needed him, acquiesced to his demands, and reveled in her submission.

Like any submissive he'd possessed over the years, he gave her what she required--had known what she craved before she even understood it herself.

What he found surprising was that he continued to find her a challenge, looked forward to every encounter with excitement and anticipation. The fact that he actually agreed to these boundaries of hers surprised the hell out of him even more. Possessing all of her became an intricate part of his life, and he found he wanted all of her, not strictly the private moments.

But that was something that couldn't be forced. The world knew what he was, what his lifestyle was all about--he'd never hidden it from anyone. To some extent it had added to his mystique in the courtroom and in his dealings with adversaries. He was a man who took chances, not just in private, but in public as well--and wasn't afraid to break through boundaries of socially acceptable behavior.

So why did he put up with Eliza's need for secrecy? He asked himself that question almost daily. Why did he accept that she would not acknowledge him and their relationship publicly?

Of course, he knew the answer. He wanted her willing commitment and he was prepared to wait for that acceptance. For him, she was worth it. He was a patient man, especially when the prize was Eliza's complete submission. It was like mining for that pure vein of gold in a cold dark cave. To a miner, each discovery was worth the hard work it took to discover the prize.

He was more than confident that eventually she would accept her nature and what she needed to be happy, and both elements of her life would meld together to make her complete--completely his.

He watched as she scanned the paper, refolded it, and handed it back to the bailiff, who walked across the floor, and handed it to the foreman.

"Please read the verdict," Eliza instructed the foreman.

"We find the defendant guilty on all counts."

There was a roar from the spectators in response to the verdict.

The judge pounded the gavel. "Quiet, please, or this courtroom will be cleared." Her voice demanded attention and the excited conversation silenced immediately. Several reporters rushed out the door, others murmured in undertones between themselves.

Joseph again appreciated her full command of the courtroom. How had he warranted the gift of such a beauty acceding to his every desire? It had been a chance meeting, with fate playing its powerful hand that night.

He didn't need to wait for the poll of the jury. He would learn all that he needed to know later. From the moment she left the courtroom today, she would be his for the weekend. He'd arranged his schedule to accommodate her; now it was time to prepare. He planned to drive and Eliza would fly in and be met by a car from the hotel. She would expect him to break down her defenses that would be ingrained in her from the hours of control required in her position. That's what she needed him to do, and he didn't plan to disappoint her.

He smiled with satisfaction at the thought of the contents in the overnight bag in his car. She would get what she wanted--and much more.

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New Contest: September Scent Drawing

I'll be holding a September Scent Drawing celebrating the recent release of my story, Scent, by Amber Heat.

Join my newsletter group by September 30th to be entered.

September Scent Contest prize includes the DVD "Scent of a Woman," a Secrets Volume of stories, chocolate, and a votive candle holder and candle.

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Servants of the Muse - August Newsletter

August 2006 Newsletter

When The Muse Calls, We Heed The Demand!

Shed your inhibitions and enter worlds of emotion, romance and sensuality.

Your reading pleasure awaits the muse in you.

Adrianna Dane / Tess Maynard

News from Adrianna's Muse:

At Fictionwise, Immortal Treasure has reached the #1 spot for highest rated in erotica!

My newest release at Amber Heat is Scent, part of the Potions, Elixirs, and Brews...Oh My! AmberPax. Their story began with If You Dare... Tonight his sensual sorcery will call to the magic of her soul.

Jebediah's Promise...5 Hearts! "Adrianna Dane creates a wonderful story of two people meeting for the very first time and it is love at first sight. I was deeply moved by reading this book and I found myself urging Trudy on as she struggled with day to day routines on an Army base and I cried with her as the Army Chaplain knocked on her door. The book is very realistic and a definite keeper!" -- Linda B., The Romance Studio

Buy it at: Amber Heat

Muse Question of the Month:

Muse: You're getting ready to start a new project. What's the first thing you do?

Adrianna / Tess: It's hard to know exactly what comes first, but the first thing I usually write down is a brief summery of the story or a quick outline, and then it goes from there as I begin to plot more fully and do the research and write the story.

Contact Adrianna / Tess:


Isabella Jordan

News from Isabella's Muse:

Isy is happy to report that she has a release in the Torn AmberPax in September from Amber Quill Press - Sache's Consort. At the moment she is finishing the sequel to PMS: Werewolves of London which will be released in October from Changeling Press. Look for PMS: The Midnight Hour. Look for more details on both stories soon. She also has a new MySpace page. Come be her friend at =)

Sopdet...5 Hearts! "Isabella Jordan has done it again with the continuing story of Egyptian Lover 2: Sopdet! Ms. Jordan's witty dialogue and snappy comebacks by Carson made this a humorous and excellent read with white-hot sex! Fans of Ms. Jordan's will not be disappointed! Another good one Ms. Jordan! Bravo!" -- Linda B., The Romance Studio

Buy it at: Changeling Press

Muse Question of the Month:

Muse: You're getting ready to start a new project. What's the first thing you do?

Isabella: Scream, turn white, and pass out? LMAO

Contact Isabella:

Lyndi Lamont / Linda McLaughlin

News from Lyndi's / Linda's Muse:

Linda McLaughlin, aka Lyndi Lamont, will be signing her books on August 26 from 2-4PM at Bearly Used Books, 123 S 1st St. La Puente, CA. Contact her at for more details.

Prepare to be Boarded...5 Angels! "Part of the Amber Quill Press Shiver M’ Timbers AmberPax Collection, Prepare to Be Boarded has it all: adventure, steamy sex, a hunky hero, and a woman unafraid of going after what she wants. Author Lyndi Lamont delivers a sexy, swashbuckling story set on the high seas, and creates a pulse-pounding and heart-warming romance in the process. Eliza is confident and sassy, and she matches wits well with Morgan. They say that reformed rakes make the best husbands; I wonder if this applies to pirates as well? Find out for yourself in Prepare to Be Boarded." -- Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews

Buy it at: Amber Heat

Muse Question of the Month:

Muse: You're getting ready to start a new project. What's the first thing you do?

Lyndi / Linda: Usually, and I stress that word because each story is different, the first thing I do is to type a paragraph or two about the basic idea, then let it incubate in my subconscious. As ideas come to me, I add them to the file. Some stories develop quickly and others take more time. I'm pretty flexible by nature, but I can be persistent, so if one method doesn't work, I'll try another until I find what does.

Contact Lyndi / Linda:

Linda McLaughlin:

Yahoo Group:

Lyndi Lamont:

Yahoo Group:

Lacey Savage

News from Lacey's Muse:

Lacey is thrilled to announce that she has a new release this month. EAT ME is available at Amber Heat, and it's Lacey's contribution to the Potions, Elixirs, and Brews...Oh My! AmberPax Collection. The story is over-the-top hot, and Lacey thinks it also packs an emotional wallop. She can't wait to see if you agree with her. :)

Also, she's delighted to announce that her Egyptian Time-Travel novel, I, NEFERTITI garnered "6 Magical Wands" from Enchanted Ramblings! It's wonderful to see this older title is still holding its own out there among the myriad of fabulous new books being published each week.

Feral Magnetism...5 Flags! "This is a really hot story for those who like m/m and menage, and for shifter fans. I highly recommend it, and I plan to find all of Lacey Savage's other books and devour them immediately!" -- Annie, Euro-Reviews

Buy it at: Changeling Press

Muse Question of the Month:

Muse: You're getting ready to start a new project. What's the first thing you do?

Lacey: I break out my Tarot cards and get to work! I'm a die-hard plotter, so I like to know as much as possible about my characters and the way the story will develop before I begin writing. I find consulting the Tarot invaluable for this purpose. At the moment, I have four different Tarot decks (with two more on the way), and I pick the one that suits the story best. From there, I let the cards guide me...

Contact Lacey:


Trixie Stilletto / Karen Troxel

News from Trixie's Muse:

A ghostly haunting, an office romance, a rescue on turbulent waters, an irresistible bet, a house of dreams, and an intimate party add incredible spice to a wonderful buffet of tasty heroes from erotic romance author Trixie Stilletto. Previously available only in electronic format, these steamy stories of erotic romance have now been combined-due to popular demand-for a paperback edition which will be released in August!

Included are the stories: The Business Trip, Molding Clay, The Coming, Framed In Dreams, Hero Adrift and Party for Two.

Trixie is also thrilled to announce that her Scarecrow series will be released in paperback later this year as well! Check out for all the information.

Hot Tamale...4 1/2 Hearts! "The characters of Betsy and Roarke are definitely connected as mates. They have a special sort of ESP between them which comes in handy in times of danger, as in this story. Several supporting characters are also involved in this story including Melrose, Roarke's superior, Robert, Betsy's ex-husband, and Libby McClellan, Roarke's former partner. The joy, passion and adventure continue for Betsy and Roarke. I can't wait to read more about them. I recommend this book to everyone." -- Ellen, The Romance Studio

Buy it at: Amber Heat

Contact Trixie / Karen:


Caitlyn Willows / Catherine Snodgrass

News from Caitlyn's / Catherine's Muse:

Catherine Snodgrass' SEVEN RINGS BINDING is enjoying a nice little "stint" as one of Fictionwise's best selling books as well as one of the highest rated. You'll find an excerpt at:

Earlier this year, her Caitlyn Willows story FORBIDDEN FRUIT made her one of the best selling authors for two months!

Forbidden Fruit...5 Angels! "Caitlyn Willows has written a very moving and sexy story. Forbidden Fruit is a book that you will want to read over and over. The story is very moving and shows that love can conquer about anything. Ms Willows is a very talented author and she can write some very hot and sexy love scenes. They just keep getting hotter and hotter. Forbidden Fruit will leave you hot." -- Moonluster, Fallen Angel Reviews

Buy it at: Amber Heat

Muse Question of the Month:

Muse: You're getting ready to start a new project. What's the first thing you do?

Caitlyn / Catherine: I start making a list of character names, make notes on points I want to make, and then write out a little free-flow thought about the story itself. During the writing phase some of this will change, but it's a good start.

Contact Caitlyn / Catherine:

Catherine's Website:
Caitlyn's Website:

Contest Information

Visit the Servants of the Muse Website for details on how to enter:

Prize Package Includes:

From Adrianna Dane:
Autographed papberback of Sylvie's Gift
Excerpt CD
Images Of Desire button
Eluria's Enforcer magnet
Autographed bookmark of Graphic Liaisons
Autographed bookmark of Esmerelda's Secret
Bookmark of Legend of the Beesinger

From Catherine Snodgrass:
Autographed paperback of The Wishing Tree
Autographed postage of The Change You Take
Autographed Catherine Snodgrass bookmark

From Caitlyn Willows:
Autographed paperback of Caitlyn's Kisses Volume II
Autographed postcard of Undercover Lover
Autographed postcard of Caitlyn's Kisses Volume II

From Lacey Savage:
Autographed paperback of LOVE ME WICKED

From Linda McLaughlin:
Autographed paperback of Lady Elinor's Escape
CD: Patti Austin, On The Way To Love

From Lyndi Lamont:
Autographed paperback of Dare All For Love: An Anthology of Erotic Romance
Autographed excerpt CD
Desire: The Tantalizing Art of Seduction (book and romance kit)

From Isabella Jordan:
Autographed paperback of Midnight, Magic and Naughty Things
Bookmark and Postcard

From Karen Troxel:
Autographed paperback of Tempest
Autographed bookmark
Excerpt CD

From Trixie Stilletto:
Autographed paperback of Trixie's Treats
Autographed bookmark
Lapel pin of Hot Off the Presses

Recipe of the Month

Courtesy of Trixie Stilletto / Karen Troxel: Chocolate Cherry Parfait


1 box of sugar free instant chocolate fudge pudding
2 cups of cherries, pitted
2 cups of whipped topping
Parfait or dessert cups


1. Make pudding as directed on box using fat free milk. Let set.

2. Place a layer of cherries, pudding and whipped topping in cups.

3. Repeat as necessary when cups are full ending with cherries.


NOTE: This dessert is quick and easy and will make your family think you spent a lot of time on them even when you didn't. Also works well with peaches!


See You Next Time!

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Now Available At Fictionwise

As of today, MacDougal's Rule is now available at Fictionwise.

Maxie Travis is a dispatcher for the Temple, Missouri, Police Department. Seth MacDougal is one of the police officers who she'd like to know a whole lot better. But Seth has a rule about not dating anyone he works with. Maxie decides it's time to break MacDougal's Rule. One hot summer night, she takes matters into her own hands in a unique and delightfully refreshing way.

ISBN: 1-59426-527-5 (

To read and excerpt, visit my author website.

Enjoy your day.


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The Cave - a short story

The flickering shadow on the wall looked like the entrance to a cave--a magical place like that of Aladdin's cave. What wonders might lie beyond that flickering light reminiscent of glowing torches, beckoning me to enter, to find out what lay beyond? What if it became like Alice's tumble through the rabbit hole, with a topsy turvy world awaiting me?

And so I stand before the flickering entrance weighing the pros and cons of what might be beyond the flickering entrance. Knowledge of course, something I do not yet know. What would happen were I to take one step--just one step to the flickering rim? But no, I think not, for I know not what lies beyond. Is that my life I see--just beyond my reach? Is it my future, or a past I would retrace? Or maybe beyond the entrance are pathways to other caverns and where might they lead and do I dare chance a wrong turn?

No, maybe it is best that I stand put as I am, not venturing into that scary beyond. No, much better for me to stand firm where I am, solid as rock, neither budging nor swaying.

But, oh, I am tempted to step into the light. So, slowly I edge closer--shuffling steps, bringing me ever nearer--so slowly.

I try to see beyond the flickering edge--into the cave, fearful of what might lie inside. An inch and I'll be there, slowly with each tiny step. And at last--with shuffling footsteps I am taken inside...

Buzzzzzzzz. And I awaken abruptly from a dream of flickering lights, and I remember as though through a fog, a cave, beckoning me, and I afraid to enter. And then in a flash it comes to me that maybe I should submit that story I've been sitting on, afraid to make that choice before now.

And I rise from my bed, eager to enter the cave with the flickering light, no longer afraid.

Adrianna (5-11-1994)