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Servants of the Muse - August Newsletter

August 2006 Newsletter

When The Muse Calls, We Heed The Demand!

Shed your inhibitions and enter worlds of emotion, romance and sensuality.

Your reading pleasure awaits the muse in you.

Adrianna Dane / Tess Maynard

News from Adrianna's Muse:

At Fictionwise, Immortal Treasure has reached the #1 spot for highest rated in erotica!

My newest release at Amber Heat is Scent, part of the Potions, Elixirs, and Brews...Oh My! AmberPax. Their story began with If You Dare... Tonight his sensual sorcery will call to the magic of her soul.

Jebediah's Promise...5 Hearts! "Adrianna Dane creates a wonderful story of two people meeting for the very first time and it is love at first sight. I was deeply moved by reading this book and I found myself urging Trudy on as she struggled with day to day routines on an Army base and I cried with her as the Army Chaplain knocked on her door. The book is very realistic and a definite keeper!" -- Linda B., The Romance Studio

Buy it at: Amber Heat

Muse Question of the Month:

Muse: You're getting ready to start a new project. What's the first thing you do?

Adrianna / Tess: It's hard to know exactly what comes first, but the first thing I usually write down is a brief summery of the story or a quick outline, and then it goes from there as I begin to plot more fully and do the research and write the story.

Contact Adrianna / Tess:

Website: www.adriannadane.com
Email: adrianna@adriannadane.com
Blog: http://www.adriannadane.blogspot.com/
Newsletter: AdriannaDane-TorridTidbitsNewsletter-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Isabella Jordan

News from Isabella's Muse:

Isy is happy to report that she has a release in the Torn AmberPax in September from Amber Quill Press - Sache's Consort. At the moment she is finishing the sequel to PMS: Werewolves of London which will be released in October from Changeling Press. Look for PMS: The Midnight Hour. Look for more details on both stories soon. She also has a new MySpace page. Come be her friend at http://myspace.com/isyjordan. =)

Sopdet...5 Hearts! "Isabella Jordan has done it again with the continuing story of Egyptian Lover 2: Sopdet! Ms. Jordan's witty dialogue and snappy comebacks by Carson made this a humorous and excellent read with white-hot sex! Fans of Ms. Jordan's will not be disappointed! Another good one Ms. Jordan! Bravo!" -- Linda B., The Romance Studio

Buy it at: Changeling Press

Muse Question of the Month:

Muse: You're getting ready to start a new project. What's the first thing you do?

Isabella: Scream, turn white, and pass out? LMAO

Contact Isabella:

Website: http://isabellajordan.com
Blog: http://isabellajordan.blogspot.com
MySpace: http://myspace.com/isyjordan
Lyndi Lamont / Linda McLaughlin

News from Lyndi's / Linda's Muse:

Linda McLaughlin, aka Lyndi Lamont, will be signing her books on August 26 from 2-4PM at Bearly Used Books, 123 S 1st St. La Puente, CA. Contact her at liannemclaughlin@yahoo.com for more details.

Prepare to be Boarded...5 Angels! "Part of the Amber Quill Press Shiver M’ Timbers AmberPax Collection, Prepare to Be Boarded has it all: adventure, steamy sex, a hunky hero, and a woman unafraid of going after what she wants. Author Lyndi Lamont delivers a sexy, swashbuckling story set on the high seas, and creates a pulse-pounding and heart-warming romance in the process. Eliza is confident and sassy, and she matches wits well with Morgan. They say that reformed rakes make the best husbands; I wonder if this applies to pirates as well? Find out for yourself in Prepare to Be Boarded." -- Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews

Buy it at: Amber Heat

Muse Question of the Month:

Muse: You're getting ready to start a new project. What's the first thing you do?

Lyndi / Linda: Usually, and I stress that word because each story is different, the first thing I do is to type a paragraph or two about the basic idea, then let it incubate in my subconscious. As ideas come to me, I add them to the file. Some stories develop quickly and others take more time. I'm pretty flexible by nature, but I can be persistent, so if one method doesn't work, I'll try another until I find what does.

Contact Lyndi / Linda:

Linda McLaughlin:

Website: http://www.lindamclaughlin.com
Email: liannemclaughlin@yahoo.com
Yahoo Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lindamclaughlin/join

Lyndi Lamont:

Email: lyndilamont@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.lyndilamont.com/
Yahoo Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lyndilamont/join

Lacey Savage

News from Lacey's Muse:

Lacey is thrilled to announce that she has a new release this month. EAT ME is available at Amber Heat, and it's Lacey's contribution to the Potions, Elixirs, and Brews...Oh My! AmberPax Collection. The story is over-the-top hot, and Lacey thinks it also packs an emotional wallop. She can't wait to see if you agree with her. :)

Also, she's delighted to announce that her Egyptian Time-Travel novel, I, NEFERTITI garnered "6 Magical Wands" from Enchanted Ramblings! It's wonderful to see this older title is still holding its own out there among the myriad of fabulous new books being published each week.

Feral Magnetism...5 Flags! "This is a really hot story for those who like m/m and menage, and for shifter fans. I highly recommend it, and I plan to find all of Lacey Savage's other books and devour them immediately!" -- Annie, Euro-Reviews

Buy it at: Changeling Press

Muse Question of the Month:

Muse: You're getting ready to start a new project. What's the first thing you do?

Lacey: I break out my Tarot cards and get to work! I'm a die-hard plotter, so I like to know as much as possible about my characters and the way the story will develop before I begin writing. I find consulting the Tarot invaluable for this purpose. At the moment, I have four different Tarot decks (with two more on the way), and I pick the one that suits the story best. From there, I let the cards guide me...

Contact Lacey:

Website: http://www.laceysavage.com
Email: laceysavage@rogers.com
Newsletter: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lacey_savage_news/

Trixie Stilletto / Karen Troxel

News from Trixie's Muse:

A ghostly haunting, an office romance, a rescue on turbulent waters, an irresistible bet, a house of dreams, and an intimate party add incredible spice to a wonderful buffet of tasty heroes from erotic romance author Trixie Stilletto. Previously available only in electronic format, these steamy stories of erotic romance have now been combined-due to popular demand-for a paperback edition which will be released in August!

Included are the stories: The Business Trip, Molding Clay, The Coming, Framed In Dreams, Hero Adrift and Party for Two.

Trixie is also thrilled to announce that her Scarecrow series will be released in paperback later this year as well! Check out www.trixiestilletto.com for all the information.

Hot Tamale...4 1/2 Hearts! "The characters of Betsy and Roarke are definitely connected as mates. They have a special sort of ESP between them which comes in handy in times of danger, as in this story. Several supporting characters are also involved in this story including Melrose, Roarke's superior, Robert, Betsy's ex-husband, and Libby McClellan, Roarke's former partner. The joy, passion and adventure continue for Betsy and Roarke. I can't wait to read more about them. I recommend this book to everyone." -- Ellen, The Romance Studio

Buy it at: Amber Heat

Contact Trixie / Karen:

Website: http://www.trixiestilletto.com
Email: trixie@trixiestilletto.com

Caitlyn Willows / Catherine Snodgrass

News from Caitlyn's / Catherine's Muse:

Catherine Snodgrass' SEVEN RINGS BINDING is enjoying a nice little "stint" as one of Fictionwise's best selling books as well as one of the highest rated. You'll find an excerpt at: http://www.catherinesnodgrass.com/excerptSevenRings.htm.

Earlier this year, her Caitlyn Willows story FORBIDDEN FRUIT made her one of the best selling authors for two months!

Forbidden Fruit...5 Angels! "Caitlyn Willows has written a very moving and sexy story. Forbidden Fruit is a book that you will want to read over and over. The story is very moving and shows that love can conquer about anything. Ms Willows is a very talented author and she can write some very hot and sexy love scenes. They just keep getting hotter and hotter. Forbidden Fruit will leave you hot." -- Moonluster, Fallen Angel Reviews

Buy it at: Amber Heat

Muse Question of the Month:

Muse: You're getting ready to start a new project. What's the first thing you do?

Caitlyn / Catherine: I start making a list of character names, make notes on points I want to make, and then write out a little free-flow thought about the story itself. During the writing phase some of this will change, but it's a good start.

Contact Caitlyn / Catherine:

Catherine's Website: www.catherinesnodgrass.com
Caitlyn's Website: www.caitlynwillows.com

Contest Information

Visit the Servants of the Muse Website for details on how to enter: http://www.servantsofthemuse.com/contest.html

Prize Package Includes:

From Adrianna Dane:
Autographed papberback of Sylvie's Gift
Excerpt CD
Images Of Desire button
Eluria's Enforcer magnet
Autographed bookmark of Graphic Liaisons
Autographed bookmark of Esmerelda's Secret
Bookmark of Legend of the Beesinger

From Catherine Snodgrass:
Autographed paperback of The Wishing Tree
Autographed postage of The Change You Take
Autographed Catherine Snodgrass bookmark

From Caitlyn Willows:
Autographed paperback of Caitlyn's Kisses Volume II
Autographed postcard of Undercover Lover
Autographed postcard of Caitlyn's Kisses Volume II

From Lacey Savage:
Autographed paperback of LOVE ME WICKED

From Linda McLaughlin:
Autographed paperback of Lady Elinor's Escape
CD: Patti Austin, On The Way To Love

From Lyndi Lamont:
Autographed paperback of Dare All For Love: An Anthology of Erotic Romance
Autographed excerpt CD
Desire: The Tantalizing Art of Seduction (book and romance kit)

From Isabella Jordan:
Autographed paperback of Midnight, Magic and Naughty Things
Bookmark and Postcard

From Karen Troxel:
Autographed paperback of Tempest
Autographed bookmark
Excerpt CD

From Trixie Stilletto:
Autographed paperback of Trixie's Treats
Autographed bookmark
Lapel pin of Hot Off the Presses

Recipe of the Month

Courtesy of Trixie Stilletto / Karen Troxel: Chocolate Cherry Parfait


1 box of sugar free instant chocolate fudge pudding
2 cups of cherries, pitted
2 cups of whipped topping
Parfait or dessert cups


1. Make pudding as directed on box using fat free milk. Let set.

2. Place a layer of cherries, pudding and whipped topping in cups.

3. Repeat as necessary when cups are full ending with cherries.


NOTE: This dessert is quick and easy and will make your family think you spent a lot of time on them even when you didn't. Also works well with peaches!


See You Next Time!

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