Monday, December 31, 2007

The Erotic Ritual of Recreational Reading

I don't get a lot of time for "recreational" reading, but sometimes I reach a point where I scream and just throw everything aside and pull a book out from the pile. It's like indulging in chocolate-covered strawberries and a glass of wine at the end of a day. Although if I add that into the ritual of reading, oh, that makes it all just so divine. Maybe a fragrant candle added to the mix.

Darn, it's first thing in the morning and I want to step away from the desk and do it RIGHT NOW!

There is a ritual to reading. And there is that ritual, be it paperback of electronic. I often hear people say, "well an ebook isn't like holding a paperback in your hand." Well, okay, I'll agree that's true. But really what one is talking about when they state that is "habit." We are used to a certain habit in our reading styles. That's what it comes down to. Where's the excitement in habit?

Ritual is a whole other aspect. It might include lighting the candle, pouring the wine, dipping the strawberries in chocolate, choosing the book, adjusting the lighting, finding that comfortable spot before you open the book. All of that can also be incorporated into reading an ebook.

Sensory responses are important. When I write, it's all about the senses. I like touching, I love the scent of things, be it a newly-mown lawn, the clean, brisk scent of newly-fallen snow, or the smoky aroma of fires burning on a frigid night.

When I pick up a paperback, the first thing I do is smooth my hand across the cover. I memorize the cool, silky texture of the stiff material, trace the raised lettering, carefully turn it over, slide a finger along the defined slant of the spine, around the sharp, taut edges, tracing and memorizing the shape, enjoying the sensation of holding it in my hand. I might be inclined to pet the slick, attractive artwork, breath in the essence of the adventure I'm about to embark on. Excitement builds as I open the cover. I might reach for a strawberry, maybe dip it in the wine, suck it between my lips, and then I turn my gaze to the words on the page. Ah, delicious.

Now, you might say, "See? You can't replace a paperback with an ebook?" I say, it's all in the ritual.

I read on my Palm which is sheathed in a leather case. I love the smell of leather, don't you? I contemplate the book I'll select from the dozens contained on my reader. Anticipation is so much a part of the ritual. Slowly, I draw the zip down, after I've smoothed my hand across the supple, pliant material of the black case. Ah, breathe in deeply. Leather has this earthy aroma to it that just reaches deep down inside. It's a sensual fabric deserving of appreciation, shrouded in primal energy. I inhale as I peel back the case to reveal my ereader. Texture so different, hard and sleek, at first cool to the touch, but as I enclose it within my grip it warms, my heat transferring pleasurably, yet still solid and firm, the infused warmth making it a subtle extension to me.

I might stroke across the screen, brushing away an errant speck of dust and then I press the small button and it bursts to life, soaking the screen with passionate words, scenes I control with a gentle, yet firm, touch of my hand, a stroke of my fingertip, pressing at just the right spot. With my ereader I am able to immerse myself even deeper into the story as I reach up to switch off the light, subtly drenching the atmosphere into a level of intimacy that, with the scents of leather and strawberries, and chocolate, surround me, drenching me with heady anticipation that I eagerly embrace.

The room grows quieter, the world is still and I tap the screen and begin to absorb the seductive words displayed, be it mystery or romance, fantasy or science fiction. This story is crafted to seduce me, to enthrall me, to pleasure me in ways only this tale will do. Thus, I feel the curling whisps of imagination curve around me, drawing me in.

I guess you see what I mean. Reading isn't habit, it's ritual. It isn't the packaging, so much as how we approach the leisurely enjoyment, how we delve into the story. How we appreciate its packaging, manipulate it, take pleasure in it, and eventually immerse ourselves into story. And don't you just love the exitement of mystery and discovery?

Now, anyone have any questions about why I write erotic romance? God, I love words in all their shapes and sizes, all their smooth curves and sharp edges, all their passion and seduction.

So what's your ritual?

Happy reading,


Friday, December 07, 2007

Podcast Excerpt for Scent Now Available

I've just posted a podcast excerpt from Scent. You can listen or download it at:

Title: Primal Magic 2: Scent

Author: Adrianna Dane

Author Website:

Purchase Link:

Publisher: Amber Heat (

SYNOPSIS: Their story began with If You Dare... Julian demanded her obedience. Rachel willingly offered her submission. The past has scarred him and only Rachel's magic can cleanse him and help to defeat his mortal enemy. Now a potion he has created will release her magic, but only if she offers her trust to him of her own free will and understands there's more to Julian Donata than she could possibly ever imagine. Tonight the primal desire that is at the heart of her dominant lover will be unleashed once again.


Come to me. Tonight.

Tightening the belt on her terrycloth robe, Rachel stepped from the steam-filled bathroom into her bedroom and walked toward her dressing table. Removing the lid of the gift box, she reached inside and lifted the contents, setting it carefully on top of the gleaming wood surface of her dressing table. Her gaze admired the lush curves of the bottle as she leaned over to set the box on the floor.

Something about the gift hypnotized her; it was a sensuous, bulbous figure narrowing to a slender, sleek base reminding her of a woman's generous, fertile curves. Her eyes widened as unbelievably the bottle seemed to unfold and ripple with movement; it shimmered and swayed as thought caught in an unheard, decadent rhythm. She blinked, but couldn't move, couldn't look away, caught in the throes of the erotic hallucination.

It swayed in undulating cadence; a dance of seductive grace. The decorative glass with raised, diagonal, flowing sections at either side at first appearing like translucent wings at rest against the curvaceous, ebony globe, suddenly unfolded like ethereal arms raised beseechingly to the sky. Rachel's breath stuttered in her chest at the mirage of movement.

She should be frightened by the manifestation occurring before her, but all she felt was excitement and growing heat emanating outward from her center.

There had always been an element of magical mystery about her trysts with Julian. Why should she be surprised at this? Isn't that part of what drew her to him?

Remove the robe.

A whispered command inside her head had her reaching for her belt and shrugging from the garment as she watch the undulations of the perfume bottle before her. It fluttered and shimmered, a life force now emanating a throbbing red glow, growing wider and wider.

She felt the cool air of the room slide against her skin, so different from the wet heat still lingering on her flesh from her recent bath. Panic began to leak into her mind at the unreality of the moment. Unconsciously, she lifted a hand to stroke the necklace at her throat.


It grounded her and she calmed as her searching fingers encountered the glittering collar of his possession. What was it his note had said?

Open yourself to receive this special gift created for you. Feel my presence. Give to me freely and it shall be yours.

She inhaled and released a long whoosh of panic. It steadied her as she felt his essence fill her. There was nothing to fear as his special brand of magic enclosed her within its embrace. He would never harm her, she knew that in her soul. The elemental caress of his presence surrounded her, yet she knew, if she chose to deny him, he would not force her, or ever harm her. He always had and always would let her decide for herself.

Lowering her hand to rest upon her thigh, she gazed at the bottle, opening herself to receive his gift, silently offering herself—and watched, wide-eyed, as the long, elegant stopper lifted effortlessly into the air.

Prepare, Rachel. Accept the scent of my favor, embrace the aroma of my dominion.

Her body tingled, her nerve endings unfurling, open, and ready to receive. If it brought her closer to Julian, she willingly accepted—he had to know that after all this time. She loved him with a passion that exceeded rationality—flew beyond the borders of civilized society.

The bottle continued to sway in a fluid mimic of movement to an unheard beat, but something echoed inside her head, a melody calling her into motion, mirroring the undulations of the bottle. She rose from the bench and began to sway, closing her eyes, hearing inside her head the pitch of primal, vibrating notes, and allowing it to drive her body. The touch of smooth, wet glass against her neck made her gasp, and then the scent was inside her as her skin quickly absorbed it, an arrow of molten passion, flying through layers of societal strictures, past polite response, slicing into the primal heat hidden far beneath the surface, freeing it from the prison.

Open yourself. Should me your acceptance of what I offer.

She heard his voice through the waves of deep feeling, and lifted her hands to her pussy, feeling the thick, slick cream of her arousal, she separated her engorged lips, offering herself to him. Cool, wet glass seemed to pierce the heat of vagina, as the long elongated stopper slipped inside, thrusting in and out, slow and steady, her pussy clinging to it, greedy for every ounce of sensation, every glimmer of liquid it offered to her, releasing her own brand of sensual perfume in return.

Closing her eyes, she thrust against the slender invasion, envisioning Julian's strong hands as the guiding impetus, stroking inside her, drawing her climax, needing her pure, willing response to his demands.

Read another excerpt at:

"Passionate stories with adventurous heart"

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Perspectives from the Northwest

Daylight truly does show the realities the night cloaks. As you may be aware we’ve gotten a lot of wind and rain recently. We’re on fairly high ground here, and have been lucky. But I looked out the window this morning and found the water was a bit higher, and closer, than what I had thought.

I went shopping yesterday morning at the local Wal-Mart in Chehalis. I was just going to do our regular weekly shopping, but with the forecasts I thought it might be better to take some time to stock up on some things. Watching the aerial views about an hour ago, I saw that very same Wal-Mart under water. A scary feeling.

I’m hearing the helicopters and small planes overhead this afternoon. The sun is starting to peek through the clouds.

I’m glad to be an early morning person because I was able to get out for a bit yesterday. It did appear that about half the cashiers had called in because of the flooding and by the time I got to check out, it was a back-up cashier who apparently starting working about a month ago. The person assisting with the bagging had also started around the same time.

Yes, the checkout was slow, but at least they were they to help get the people out. I remembered to thank them. Yes, they were there, but would the get home last night? I hope they did. I sometimes thing we don’t thank people enough for the small things, like bagging and being there to do their jobs. Yes, we were all a little stressed, and I know they wanted to be out of there as much as I did. But they showed up and they stayed and did there best, and I know that I for one appreciated that.

I heard on the news last night before I went to bed, about a woman who called for assistance because she was in labor. Emergency crews were unable to get to her. I have to say I worried about her and wondered what happened. I was happy to hear that there were some volunteer firemen stranded in the same area and they were able to get to her and help her. Thank Goodness. So thank you for the big things, too.

I also so that there were some salmon stranded on city streets and watched and encouraged as they swam toward deeper water. You could hear the people shouting encouragement to the poor things and applauding as they succeeded. Salmon are a good poster child for never giving up, no matter how great the odds of success seem to be.

In any crisis trying to find the good and the strength that comes out of it is the way to survive. The sun does shine eventually.

My husband was at work yesterday and is still stranded on the coast. He had to use a pay phone to reach me because there’s apparently a tower down somewhere and his cell phone wasn’t working. Several hours later I received a call from his customer (hubby refinishes wood floors for a living) and she wanted to assure me he was all right just in case I hadn’t heard from him, and to offer me a place to stay if our house was in danger of flooding.

The light shines through any storm, any disaster if we can just take the time to look for it.


Friday, October 26, 2007

This Week's Podcast Now Available - Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood

I've just posted this week's chapter excerpt podcast. Listen to a first-chapter excerpt from my dark futuristic fantasy erotic romance "Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood" at:

What is Zytarri?

Zytarri is a star system far from our own. There are ten planets and a crimson sun in the Zytarri system. Six planets are known to be inhabited, including the planet Ebonnia.

Ebonnia is the eighth planet from the crimson sun. It is named for the goddess of dreams and the subconscious. It is called home by the Sangorrian race.

The Sangorrian continent is the largest mass of land on the planet Ebonnia. The founding race and the ruling body on the planet are the Sangorrians . They were once known as blood hunters and after centuries of trial and hardship have evolved to become the civilized, ruling body on Ebonnia. There are fourteen houses encompassing the ruling houses who thrive on the continent--seven matriarchal houses in the Aurora Valley and seven patriarchal houses in the Darlinean Mountains, each one named for one of the original settlers who fled to this star system seeking protection from annihilation. Virgin Blood deals specifically with two of the ruling houses--The House of Leah in the Aurora Valley, and the House of Favion in the Darlinean Mountains.

Virgin Blood is an erotic romance, it is a love story, it is dark fantasy, it is a story of a people whose hard-fought way of life is about to be ripped apart.

Wow. There are many layers to VIRGIN BLOOD, and as each layer is revealed, more is learned about the Sangorrian race and the individuals who populate the story. -- RRT Erotic

Virgin Blood. Katriel Saguna is heir to the House of Leah, descendant of an ancient predatory race once labeled bloodhunters. Centuries of vigilance have culminated in a guarded, civilized society able to trade peacefully with other worlds without fear of annihilation. Ingestion of blood is still a requirement for Sangorrians such as Katriel--dragon's blood being the main source for youth and unattached Sangorrians. Without it they would die.

The time has come for Katriel to bond with an offworlder--the Primary Alpha chosen by her mother. His will be the only human blood she will ingest. He will become her partner, her protector, her lover--and her source of life. Mating with him and consuming his human blood will also bring her into her full powers--something she desperately needs for her own protection, but loving him was not something she had anticipated.

But unexpected danger awaits on Ebonnia as a power-hungry, devious bloodsucker of another mutated species seeks to gain control and uses insidious methods to shackle the Sangorrian nature to his will. The civilized society Katriel has always known is about to be torn apart. Will Valyn be able to protect her or is he already too late?

Adrianna Dane is a master at world building and what she's created with Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood is phenomenal. -- TwoLips Reviews

Read an excerpt at:

Purchase Link:

Read more about Zytarri:

View the Video trailer:

Fantastic! Riveting! Are just two words that this reviewer can categorically say about this book. -- Fallen Angel Reviews

Read excerpts from more reviews at my website.

Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood

a 2006 Dream Realm Finalist and a Romantic Times July 2007 Top Pick!!

"Passionate stories with adventurous heart"

Friday, October 19, 2007

Latest Podcast Now Available - Excerpt of If You Dare...

"If You Dare..." has that mysterious, dark, edgy quality featuring an attractive alpha male that is so delicious to read, particularly this time of year. Julian is that dominating, fantasy hero who seduces Rachel with a touch, a mesmerizing look, and body language that positively drips with sexuality. How could any woman resist, particularly at the stroke of midnight on All Hallow's Eve...

I envision you curled up in bed, on a bewitching dark and stormy night, reading this story, the only light in the room emanates from the ebook reader backlight and flickering, scented candles burning, your black cat curled next to you, a glass of chilled white wine on the table beside you, and a small, silverplated bowl of decadent dark chocolate resting next to the glass.

Suddenly, from the darkness, a naked male body rises up and turns toward you, his muscular chest covered in dark curling hair mere inches away. You feel a warm hand reach over to nestle at the juncture of your slick thighs and your heart stops beating for a fraction of an instant as those very strong fingers knead your pliant flesh.

You glance over at the shadowed outline of the man lying next to you. A gleam of white teeth, a glitter of intent in his emerald green eyes as his fingers begin to dance across your skin and he inches closer and closer, sending a burning hot blade of desire burrowing deep inside...

You look for your cat who was lying right beside you, but find he has disappeared. The man in your bed presses his moist lips to your sensitive earlobe. He nips playfully and you find it difficult to concentrate as spirals of pleasure undulate through your body. How can you possibly think of anything but the gorgeous male you have conjured to your bed?

You feel his moist breath tickle your ear, you feel his hand travel up your body, beneath your nighshirt....

"Read to me, love," he whispers in a deeply sexy voice, almost a purr, as his nimble fingers play your body like a fine instrument.

You think this erotic story is just the right length to drizzle a little steamy foreplay into what is bound to be a very satisfying night. How can you resist?

If you dare...

Keeping with the Halloween theme this month, this week listen to an excerpt from "If You Dare..." now available from Amber Heat.

Adrianna Dane, Author of Sensual and Erotic Romance

Passionate stories with adventurous heart...

If You Dare... (an adult contemporary erotic excerpt)

Purchase Link for If You Dare...:



Friday, October 05, 2007

New Podcast Excerpt Now Available for Fearfully Delicious

My latest weekly podcast excerpt is now available. This month I'll be focusing on my darker, steamy stories, several of which take place around Halloween. To start out the month I've posted an excerpt from Fearfully Delicious, now available at


Adrianna Dane, Author of Sensual and Erotic Romance
Passionate stories with adventurous heart...

He knows what she needs...what she fears...what she desires...

Podcast excerpt: Fearfully Delicious (a contemporary erotic excerpt) (

Phaze Purchase Link:

Fictionwise Purchase Link:

Author Website:

View the Video Trailer:



5 Stars!! ...For so short a story, Fearfully Delicious is fabulous. As the tale begins, Ms. Dane brings us characters you feel like you already know, which is essential when dealing with limited pages. ... Not only did she provide characters to cherish, she managed to have a plot and some steamy sex scenes. ... Fearfully Delicious was a joy to read and I gladly recommend others to pick it up. You will not be disappointed... --Suni Farrar, JERR

4 1/2 Stars!! ...Fearfully Delicious describes this book completely. This short story quickly whets your appetite and definitely delivers a feast for your enjoyment. Although short, Ms. Dane does a wonderful job introducing the characters and their feelings. ... Needless to say, I enjoyed this sizzling story of two people in love with a little bit of fearful suspense thrown in for good measure... --Trang,


Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Excerpt Podcast Now Available - The Exile: A Seductive Tale

The Exile: A Seductive Tale by Adrianna Dane
Purchase Link:
Author Website:

Title: Adrianna Dane, Author of Sensual and Erotic Romance

Episode: The Exile: A Seductive Tale (gay erotic fantasy story excerpt)


Brotherhood of the Midnight Pearl. An island known as the Isle of Men, a place where passion among men is the rule—the only rule.. Linus Masterson, once a powerful man of authority, has left the isolated, mystical Isle of Men to return to mainland life. He left Mannos because of love and desire for one man, an initiate, he couldn't truly possess, but now he meets another man who reminds him of the object of his desire from paradise. Sam, a young, attractive waiter, wearing the double pearl earring, marking him a mainland member of the Brotherhood of the Midnight Pearl draws his heated attention. Sam's a man meant for pleasure and Linus is determined to show him how good it can be at the hands of an immortal, experienced authoritarian. Linus can only hope that in the arms of his new lover he will return to the paradise he had thought forever lost.

Visit for more erotic stories related to A Seductive Tale.

Have a great day.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Podcast of Jebediah's Promise Now Available

This week's chapter excerpt podcast is now available. Listen to the complete first chapter of Jebediah's Promise.

Title: Adrianna Dane, Author of Sensual and Erotic Romance
Episode: Jebediah's Promise

Captain Jebediah Holliday is a soldier who serves his country with pride and holds the heart of his wife Trudy, keeping him strong. Deducation to duty requires strength and commitment in separation for both Jeb and Trudy. Jeb's pledge to do his duty and return to Trudy safely is jeopardized when he is taken hostage on a routine mission. Trudy has faith that Jeb will return home to her, keeping his promise. A hero's face and courage comes in many guises.

Purchase the complete story at Amber Heat.

Have a great weekend!


Friday, September 07, 2007

A New Podcast for MacDougal's Rule

Hey, it's Friday! Yeah...

I've just posted a new podcast. This excerpt is from MacDougal's Rule available from

Adrianna Dane, Author of Sensual and Erotic Romance

Passionate stories with adventurous heart...

MacDougal's Rule (an erotic story excerpt)

Mix one hot summer night with a little cold water. Add one determined, sensual woman and a hard man with an iron-clad rule–and watch the steam rise...

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


Friday, August 31, 2007

Postcasting and Blogging This Week

I've added a new chapter excerpt podcast this week. This one is for my historical erotic romance "The Diary of Lillian Manchester: The Stranger." This story is now available at Amber Quill Press (

Slade McCord, scarred by his past, arrives in the Arizona Territory on a mission. Lillian Manchester recognizes him as the only man to tame her restless, wildfire heart. His secret objective and his inability to trust could jeopardize not only their lives, but Slade's last chance for salvation.

Also this week, I was blogging at the Servants of the Muse blog. Find out what I had to say about "Breaking Down, the Muse, and Me." Such are the joys, and inspiration, of owning a car, and having a fertile imagination.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

An excerpt from The Midas Bride (explicit)

Title: The Midas Bride
Author: Adrianna Dane

Purchase Link:
Author URL:
Publisher: Amber Quill Press/Amber Heat

ISBN: 978-1-60272-097-8

Cover Art by Trace Edward Zaber


Once upon a time there was a modern woman who wasn't looking for prince charming. Not anymore. But there was indeed a prince who needed to find his princess bride or suffer the full effects of the curse brought down upon his family. He tossed a magic coin out into the world in hopes of finding his true soul mate–the one woman who could tame the beast inside his soul and halt the curse. Only her love could save him. But will a greedy witch find her first and destroy his one chance at happiness?


This was the first he had seen his bride—a photo of her naked and bound to a bed.

Anger burned inside him. Had it been Darth who touched his bride, or the witch? A red haze blurred his vision. He wanted to rip out their hearts for doing this to her. It was not the way it should have been. He had meant to woo his bride, to show her the human side of himself before unveiling the secrets. He wanted her to love him before he revealed his true self. It was not fair to have brought her to this. She would be frightened when she discovered the truth. She would be angry.

It should have been different and he would make them pay for what they had done to her. The photograph showed her bound and spread out on a bed. They'd undressed her and she lay there naked and exposed. He felt the rage building like a tornado, gathering speed as it gripped him. The beast would overtake him if he wasn't careful.

Maybe that's what they wanted.

This was his woman they had misused. And they would pay dearly for having dared to touch her. He picked up the scrap of blouse that had also been enclosed in the envelope from the desk and lifted it to his face, inhaling her scent. His cock thickened, needy to claim her, to mark her as his.

They would have their map, damn them, though it would do them no good. Having the touch was not something these greedy kidnappers would be prepared for. Maybe it's exactly what they deserved.

He walked to the other side of the room and opened the ornate box, removing an ancient rolled-up map tied with a strip of rawhide. He had sent for it yesterday, as soon as he received the envelope. Their possession of the map would not bring them what they expected. By the time he returned to his home with his bride, Darth and Moreen would have met their fate. They would get everything they deserved for eternity. If they wanted the location of the river they would have it and everything it entailed.

He inserted the map into the inside pocket of his tan suede jacket. He turned back to the desk and picked up the photograph, gazing down at it. Her long hair lay in disarray trailing over the pillow. Her body was lush and ripe, not thin and gaunt as was the fashion. Her mouth, even in repose was sensuously inviting. Her long legs looked silky and he ached to stroke them, to be certain she was real.

He crumpled the picture in his fist. They had touched her, violated his woman, his bride. He felt the change beginning to assert itself. If he allowed it to consume him now, he would never regain control in time to make the exchange. His need for her was too great. If he allowed anything to happen to her, there would never be another to take her place.

He flung the crumpled photograph across the room, whirled around and stalked out the doorway, hurrying toward the elevator and down to the car waiting in front of the hotel. The chauffeur quickly came around to open the door of the sleek car for him. Lyon shook his head.

"No, I'm driving myself."


Friday, August 24, 2007

The Lydian Lion and Temptation's Price

A while back I was doing some research about coins and I came across an interesting article entitled "A Case for the World's First Coin: The Lydian Lion." Now I don't know about you, but just the name of the coin yelled SHAPESHIFTER!! to me. The more I read about the coin and its fascinating history, the more intrigued I became.

The Lydian Lion, according to this article, preceded ancient Greek coinage which is apparently the basis for all Western coinage. It is thought that these coins were first used by the government and were minted in electrum, an alloy of gold and silver. This first coinage wasn't used in the same manner that currency is used in transactions today, and in fact, may very well have been used for strictly government/official business and controlled by the ruling body, possibly offered as gifts in treaty ceremonies, wedding presents, etc.

So I see wedding presents, and I think "bride price." Oh, but it has ended up being so much more than that...after all, my coin, is a MAGICAL coin.

Bits and pieces from the history revealed in this article is what led to my creation of the myth surround The Midas Bride. It really is exciting to research--one of my favorite parts of story writing. And then I love twisting it around and reshaping, and embellishing, and...

So, guess what? This weekend the Temptation's Price AmberPax is scheduled for release. I'm pretty excited about it. We've created a new video trailer for this collection and you can view it at:

I so enjoyed writing "The Midas Bride" and creating its underlying mythical basis which involves King Croesus and King Midas. I'm pleased that I came across that article and which has led to my story and just sort of took off from there with a "what if." It's a bit of an erotic shapeshifting fairytale involving a magical coin (not exactly THE coin). Watch for another of my Midian white lion shapeshifters in an upcoming story.

Enjoy your weekend!


Friday, August 17, 2007

This Week's Podcast: Sea Sentinel, Ep. 1: From the Waters

I've just broadcast the first chapter excerpt from Sea Sentinel, Ep. 1: From the Waters.

Here's a little about this story:

Elana Del Rio witnessed something that almost killed her. Until, alone in the middle of the ocean, something unknown, only whispered about, rescued her. Half man-half creature, all primitive lover, he breathed life back into her and claimed her in the most primitive, life-affirming sexual encounter she had ever experienced. She had heard rumors of a being who guarded the seas from man-made dangers and destruction and thought it a myth. He was known as the Sea Sentinel and his powers far surpassed any of those known to mortal man.

Listen and/or download this free chapter and others at:

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Change in the Air

I was standing outside this morning and it was around six a.m. I was waiting for Mikala to finish investigating and I was sipping at my first cup of coffee for the day. I could sense the subtle change in temperature and could feel the pull of autumn just beginning to awaken.

The fall is my favorite time of year. We've lived on the East Coast and now the West Coast and what I love best is the change of seasons. Sometimes we ease quietly one into the other, and sometimes it's a quick burst. But no matter what way it happens, I love to watch the changes around me.

I live in a fairly rural part of the state and I walk out to the backyard where the blackberry bushes, in all their thorny glory, grow and a field beyond that, leading into a forest at the back, and farmland beyond that. So I get a good glimpse as the vivd rust and golden colors of fall begin to erupt and the brisk change in temperature begins to alter. I can smell and taste and see the changes taking place in the land. When I begin to hear the call of the geese as they fly overhead, leaving us for the winter, then I'll know fall has truly arrived in my part of the world.

In some ways the land is preparing for hibernation and I'm just waking up. I always have been a bit contrary.

I find that many of the stories I write take place in late summer and early fall. Several of the stories in my latest anthology, "Esmerelda's Lovers," take place in that time of year.

There's just something about the air in autumn. The clean briskness wakes you up, makes you more aware of what's around you. It's why I've always enjoyed living in areas of the country that court the four seasons clearly. Each one has a uniqueness all it's own. I guess we all have our favorites. Which season stirs the romance in your soul? Makes you feel more alive?


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tempt Me Not - an excerpt from my latest release

Title: Tempt Me Not
Author: Adrianna Dane
Publisher Purchase Link: TemptMeNot
Author Website: Adrianna Dane Website
ISBN: 978-1-60272-087-9


In a moment of weakness and bad choice, Diantha made a deal with a seductive demon. Zacchias wants something from Diantha that she's unwilling to give. Asher has also made a deal with Zacchias. If Diantha breaks her contract by making love with Asher, she will lose her soul. If she does as Zacchias wants, she could lose much more, including a love she has only just discovered. Scorched by the seductive flame of temptation, love will find a way.


“I want him, but I can’t have him. The temptation is too much,” she whispered as she opened the drawer and pulled out the dildo she’d used infrequently since her arrival at Zacchias’s stronghold. But Asher Smith drew feelings and desires from deep within her that she long thought were dead and buried. Her body now told her that they weren’t and she needed to do something before she lost control.

There was no relief of daylight here, only the thick, clinging blackness of night, a suitable home for a twisted demon. It was his job to tempt, and he embraced his role with enthusiasm and devilish delight.

Diantha climbed onto the bed and spread her legs, pressing the instrument of pleasure against her wet opening. She leaned back and closed her eyes as she pressed inward, her greedy lips separating and accepting the phallus into her body.

Tonight, for the first time, she’d met Zacchias’s latest mortal acquisition—Asher Smith. One look and her heart had pumped faster than a speeding train heading toward collision. She knew he was the temptation she might be unable to resist.

Using her other hand, she swirled a finger over her clit, driving herself toward oblivion, away from this room. She imagined it was Asher’s cock burrowing deep and she arched and pressed deeper, gasping at the penetration.

He came from her world and still retained his soul. Like her. Dressed in a black tuxedo and pristine white shirt, he’d entered the dining hall accompanied by Zacchias, a soulless woman clinging to each arm.

Diantha studied him from her relaxed position seated in a leopard-patterned armchair situated next to the fireplace. A mantel overpainted with scenes of gigantic, predatory, mythical beasts overpowered the room, standing guard. Waiting for the perfect moment to pounce. Just like Zacchias. It was a room she had come to hate. Just like Zacchias.

Presentiment spilled over her as it seemed she gazed into the eyes of her destruction. Rising from the overstuffed chair, she sauntered across the room to greet Zacchias with a kiss to his smooth, chiseled jaw.

“Welcome back,” she murmured. Then her gaze turned to the man and she studied him closely. He was probably not much older than herself, perhaps in his mid thirties. “I see you’ve brought someone with you.”

The women were touching him, sliding their hands over the silky smoothness of the jacket he wore, rubbing against him. One of them inched her hand below to cup the front of his trousers, smiling up at him lasciviously.

“Enough, ladies,” Zacchias commanded. “Leave us.”

The women pouted but did as he asked, slinking out of the room, leaving the three of them alone, silently surveying each other.

Zacchias reached for her arm, linking it through his own, and they moved back into the main part of the dining room.

“Pour us a couple of drinks, my dear.” He walked toward the striped, black and white settee on the opposite side of the fireplace.

Diantha poured whiskey into two etched glasses and tracked across the room to hand them their drinks. First she offered Zacchias his drink and then she turned to the other man. Their fingers touched briefly as he reached for it, and she inhaled sharply at the connection.

“You like him,” Zacchias purred softly from behind her. She straightened and turned toward him, smoothing her expression. She knew better than to expose her thoughts to him.

He was staring at her, studying her reactions. He raised the glass into the air. “To new associations. May they lead to fruitful endeavors.”

"Passionate stories with adventurous heart"

Friday, July 27, 2007

New Podcast for Ruthless Acts

I've posted the podcast for an excerpt from Ruthless Acts this morning. You can listen or download it at Adrianna's Broadcasts.

Elizabeth Anthony and Isandro Santario are two people who should never have met, should never have loved. But in Esmerelda, anything is possible.

This story is now available at Amber Heat, the erotic imprint of Amber Quill Press.

Ruthless Acts is also available in the "Esmerelda's Lovers" anthology of erotic stories, now available in paperback at

Have a great day!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

About Faeries and Podcasting

I was away this weekend attending the Faerieworlds Festival in Veneta, Oregon. That was fun and I've got some pictures up, if you'd like to see them. Here's the link:
2007 Faerieworlds Festival Pix. I will be blogging a bit about the festival.

Also, on Friday, just before I left, I broadcast my latest excerpt from Graphic Liaisons. You can listen to it, or download it at: Adrianna's Podcasts

It was interesting as I went to check out my podcast site this morning to find that on the front page of, my podcast was listed there among the most active podcasts today. I don't know how long it will stay there, but it was pretty cool to see this morning. Currently, you can listen to podcasts of chapter excerpts from "The Boy Next Door," "Sylvie's Gift," "Nights in White Satin," "No Choice," and "Graphic Liaisons." I'll be broadcasting a new excerpt on Friday.

The other great thing about this weekend was the release of my latest story from Amber Heat, "Tempt Me Not" which is an erotic dark fantasy. Read a short excerpt and/or purchase it at: Tempt Me Not.

Hope your week is starting out to be a great one. :-)


Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Podcast for No Choice Excerpt Now Available

This week's broadcast is the opening excerpt from my erotic menage short story "No Choice."

No Choice is also currently available in my paperback erotic anthology, "Carnal Carnivale" now available at Amazon.

Title: Adrianna Dane, Author of Sensual and Erotic Romance
Episode: No Choice (an erotic story excerpt)



Friday, July 13, 2007

Recent RWA Board Decisions - Part II - PAN Eligibility

It appears that yesterday there was open discussion about these new policy changes and definitions and they may be altered. Several blogs to read more about this are at:

I'm sure there are others. These are just a few that have been posted on various loops I'm a member of.

Regarding PAN eligibility. PAN is the acronym for "Published Author Network" within the RWA organization. PAN-eligible is defined by RWA as "a General or Honorary member who is eligible for PAN membership" as described in the RWA Policy and Procedures Manual.

According to the June issue of RWR, one of the goals of the proposed changes was to separate the eligibility requirements between "publisher recognition (eligibility)" for such things as entering the RITA awards and related RWA organization activities, and eligibility for PAN.

PAN mission statement as noted in the June RWR (and in the Policy and Procedures Manual):

PAN's purpose is to establish within RWA a network of communication and support to effectively promote and protect the interests of published romance authors, to open channels of communication between those romance authors and other publishing industry professionals, and to encourage professionalism on all levels and in all relationships within the publishing industry.

In other words, a network for "career-oriented" published authors.

Currently, the membership requirements include:

"Any RWA General or Honorary member who has published an Eligible Novel with an RWA-Recognized Publisher shall be eligible for membership in PAN. To prove publication, the member must submit a copy of the Eligible Novel's copyright page to the Office.

For purposes of determining PAN membership...there will be no grandfathering of books published by publishers that went out of business prior to the adoption of RWA publisher recognition standards."

An "eligible novel" is defined by RWA as:

a non-subsidy, non-vanity work of Romantic Fiction of 40,000 or more words that is offered for sale to the general public by a publisher through a readable or audio format, for which the author receives payment as stipulated in a written contract from a publisher, and is published by an RWA-Recognized Publisher.

RWA has indicated the following change to PAN eligibility policy:

There are two methods in which to become members of PAN (and I will excerpt the relevant parts of these options rather than reprinting the whole thing):

Option One: Any RWA General or Honorary member who has earned at least $1,000 in the form of an advance from a single romance novel or novella published by a non-Subsidy, non-Vanity Publisher may join PAN either as a full member (once the title is published) or as a provisional member for an eighteen-month period while awaiting publication of the title...

Option Two: Any RWA General or Honorary member who has earned at least $1,000 in the form of royalties or a combination of advance plus royalties on a single published romance novel or novella published by a non-Subsidy, non-Vanity Publisher may join PAN as a full member following the publication of the title...

The definition of vanity/subsidy publishers has far-reaching effects to all corners of the current and proposed policies of the RWA that will affect a wide number of currently published authors.

By the new definition of vanity/subsidy publisher (defined in yesterday's blog entry), slight though it may seem, essentially all small press and electronically published authors are denied professional support by this organization.

I will note that originally, according to RWR, the proposal threshhold income was for a $2,000 advance/royalty and I do note that this number has been halved to $1,000. Also, they are allowing either a novel or a novella which I believe opens to the current trend in publishing.

I do have a problem with the fact that this income is based solely on one book. When I made comments to the committee, I did suggest that the amount, rather than being based on one book, should have reflected an across-the-board amount, which would more obviously reflect a "career-oriented" person as opposed to a "hobby-oriented" career. One book does not establish a career in the majority of cases.

In my opinion small steps forward in some areas, yet major leaps backward in others. The new RWA definition of vanity/subsidy stops essentially every forward move to new policy. The rationale RWA uses to support a number of the proposed changes that other organizations do it this way, so we should, too, doesn't fly with me. It didn't work with my kids when they did something wrong either.

One thing I did mention in my comments to the committee was the "grandfathering" of members who had already met the criteria to join PAN. A serious problem in many instances was each time the board decided to shift the earth and scatter things to the four winds, everyone had to go back to square one, again and again and again. Organization morale seriously suffers because of that mentality. According to these recent decisions, as far as PAN eligibility, grandfathering will take place for those authors who were general members of PAN before July 10, 2007.

It is unfortunate that any ground they gained by the small changes have been far outweighed by the new definitions. I can only hope they reconsider.

One last point of note is regarding the RITA. It is the very last notation on the recent changes to policy:

After extensive discussion, the Board decided not to add an erotic romance category to the contests due in part to the inherently indefinable nature of erotic romance."

Hmmm, do they even realize they have a chapter devoted to erotic romance writers who have quite clearly defined the parameters?

Please, please, please, get your heads out of the sand, RWA, and see what's going on around you. Pay attention to the words you are using to define your policy. Don't you think it's about time? And if you've got someone else writing policy, pay attention, because they don't know the membership, but you are supposed to.

Oh, and this will end my rant on RWA recent decisions.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Recent RWA Board Decisions - Part 1 - Publisher Recognition Issues

As many of us know the Romance Writers of America (RWA) is holding their annual convention this week in Dallas, Texas. The recent decisions by the board are leading to some very heated discussions, particularly by electronic publishers and authors. I number within that group, but have refrained from entering into the passionate discussion thus far. I thought it might be better served from me to share my thoughts on my blog instead.

It truly is difficult to know where to begin. From the face of the recent decisions and to be as fair as possible, on its surface, it looks like there were tiny steps forward and major steps backward. But let's look a little closer at exactly what sort of impact this will have and the authors they say they are here to serve.

RWA in the past has dug its heels in on many issues and the "old guard" has remained firm, even within the rapidly changing atmosphere of technology and its continuing impact on the distribution of literature in all its forms. Some advances may possibly have been made here, but not enough, and the new decisions certainly indicate that RWA National continues to not understand the changing industry and climate of publishing.

Regarding publisher recognition, it seems to me they have responded with a knee-jerk response to certain recent activities of failed enterprises and will attempt to use this as their banner and validation for their mind-boggling decisions. Sadly, this will not stand.

As I address these amazing decisions, and try to clarify to myself exactly what they have done, and what good can come out of it, if any, I have four documents spread out on my desk. The first is the June 2007 issue of the Romance Writers Report (RWR) and the article regarding PAN Recognition, which also includes their "mission statement" regarding Publisher Recognition. The second document is my email input regarding proposed PAN eligibility changes which was quite lengthy I might add, that I sent to the committee. The third document is "A Summary of RWA Board Decisions" which I just printed out from the RWA National website. And fourth is the Policy and Procedure Manual for historical reference. I wanted to be certain I had the exact words from the "horse's mouth" so to speak before attempting to address any of this.

Keep in mind that all of this is strictly my personal opinion.

And, yes, I am a member of RWA and have been so for several years, as well as being a member of my local chapter. Some of my personal questions, of course, are: How will this affect me as a published author? Will my work be recognized by my peers within the organization? How will it affect my publishers? Does RWA's stance reflect my feelings and career choices as a published author in the romance market?

I think before I can address anything else, I have to look at "Publisher Recognition" and how RWA now seeks to define subsidy/vanity press because this has a direct bearing on all of the other decisions regarding these matters at their board meeting.

In the June, 2007 issue of RWR, the article states:

"Publisher recognition" is not and never has been a stamp of approval of a publisher's business practices. It is not a guarantee that a publisher's contract is a good deal for the author. It merely indicates that a publisher has met certain bare-minimum standards that may indicate that the opportunity exists for an author to build a career there. ... To that end, the Board of Directors is considering revamping publisher recognition standards so that there will be "RWA-eligible publishers" for individual RWA programs rather than having a single, overriding program called "publisher recognition."

I read this as meaning publishers who are not recognized by RWA may not participate in RWA activities such as conferences, etc. As in speaking or talking with potential authors about possible submissions, or putting on workshops at these events.

A quick question here: Does this mean that authors who are published with these non-recognized publishers cannot sell their books at RWA-sponsored signings? Will they be banned as well in this regard?

So what is the benchmark to which RWA has attached its wagon for publisher recognition?

Old policy per manual:

To be an "RWA-Recognized Publisher," a publisher must be a royalty-paying publishing house that (1) is not a subsidy of vanity publisher, (2) has been releasing books via national distribution for a minimum of one year, and (3) has sold a minimum of 1,500 hardcover or trade paperback copies or 5,000 copies in any other format,including print on demand, of a single novel or novella or collection of novellas in book form, in bona fide arms-length transactions, and continues to sell a minimum of 1,500 hardcover or trad epaperback copies of 5,000 copies in any other format of a subsquent romance novel each year.

[[In my opinion item no. 3 is what needed to be addressed. This they did, but in a bent and skewed manner and without understanding the current markets or the position of their published authors, at all.]]

Old policy definition of subsidy/vanity publisher:

"Subsidy Publisher" or "Vanity Publisher" means any publisher that publishes books in which the author participates in the costs of production or distribution in any manner,including publisher assessment of a fee or other costs for editing and/or distribution. This definition includes publishers who withhold publication or distribution costs before paying royalties (net proceeds) and publishers whose authors exclusively promote and/or sell their own books.

The changes as noted in the recent "Summary of RWA Board Decisions."

We must first look at the new definition of subsidy/vanity publisher. "New" definition of subsidy/vanity publisher:

Commencing with RWA's 2008 National Conference, for official publisher participation, a romance publisher must verify to RWA that it: (1) is not a Subsidy Publisher or Vanity Publisher; (2) has been releasing romance novels via national distribution for no fewer than three years, with no fewer than two full-length romance novels or novel-length romance anthologies published in each of three consecutive years; (3) provides per book advances of at least $1,000 for all books; and (4) pays allauthors participating in an anthology an advance of at least $500.

A Subsidy Publisher or Vanity Publisher means any publisher that publishes books in which the author participates in the cost of production or distribution in any manner, including publisher assessment of a fee or other costs for editing and/or distribution. This definition includes publishers who withhold or seek full or partial payment or reimbursement of publication or distribution costs before paying royalties, including payment of paper, printing, binding production, sales or marketing costs; publishers whose authors exclusively promote and/or sell their own books; publishers whose primary means of offering books for sale is through a publisher-generated Web site; publishers whose list is comprised of 50% or more of its books written by authors who are principals in the publishing company; and publishers whose business model and methods of publishing are primarily directed toward sales to the author, his/her relatives and associates.

The sections that I have bolded are what I take strong issue with from these particular policy changes. How a valid publisher chooses to pursue marketing and selling their books to the general public is not something to be addressed in policy by the RWA. A website is international, not just national; a distributor like Fictionwise is international, not just national. So what exactly are they trying to say here?

Nor should an advance be a prerequisite for any publisher. If an author proves sales generated at a career level as opposed to a hobby level [I will address this in my next blog on PAN recognition] at the $1,000 mark, that should be sufficient. To hold with this policy asks that a publisher, especially small, solid presses, to turn toward bankruptcy, much as selling through Ingrams encourages returns that can also push a small press to bankruptcy, insolvency, and loss of revenue for authors, that could have had the potential to survive without these backbreaking front-end costs.

And thus RWA has blocked from providing informed and up-to-date information for RWA members, both published and nonpublished, the very publishers who could provide knowledgeable insight and advancement in the modern publishing world.

These two statements do not mark the difference between vanity and recognized publisher status in any way, shape, or form, and should be stricken.

Regarding the RWA decision-making process, these policy changes indicate huge steps backward and absolute non-recognition of the digital age of publishing.

Shame on you, RWA, for still not understanding and embracing the electronic age of publishing and supporting your authors and their needs in career advancement.

My next blog entry will address PAN recognition for published authors.


Friday, July 06, 2007

A new podcast for Nights in White Satin

Each week I post a new first chapter story excerpt. Here's where you can find them. Or check my profile at myspace.

Title: Adrianna Dane, Author of Sensual and Erotic Romance
Episode: Nights in White Satin (an erotic excerpt)

Adrianna's Podcast

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dream Realm Finalist - Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood

I was very excited to learn this morning that my dark futuristic story, Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood has been chosen as a 2006 Dream Realm Award Finalist. The Dream Realm Awards recognize excellence in science fiction, fantasy, and horror in electronically published books.

For more information about the Dream Realm Awards, visit:

For the complete list of 2006 finalists:

I thought I'd share a little information and an excerpt from Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood.

ISBN: 978-1-59632-346-9

Author Website:

Zytarri website:

Purchase Link:

Synopsis: Katriel Saguna is heir to the House of Leah, descendant of an ancient predatory race once labeled bloodhunters. Centuries of vigilance have culminated in a guarded, civilized society able to trade peacefully with other worlds without fear of annihilation. Ingestion of blood is still a requirement for Sangorrians such as Katriel–dragon's blood being the main source for youth and unattached Sangorrians. Without it they would die. The time has come for Katriel to bond with an offworlder–the Primary Alpha chosen by her mother, Mistress Leora Saguna. His will be the only human blood she will ingest. He will become her partner, her protector, her lover–and her source of life...

The civilized society Katriel has always known is about to be torn apart. Will Valyn be able to protect her or is he already too late?


Leora again studied him silently for a long time. Slowly she rose to her feet and walked around the side of the desk. "Disrobe, please. I wish to confirm the replica was not altered concerning your suitability and lack of abnormalities."

He had known this was coming. A part of him rebelled at being ordered to disrobe before her, but he raised his hands and unbuttoned the brown robe, allowing it to drop to the floor at his feet. He then returned to the stance of respect and waited, focusing his attention on the window just past where Noah stood.

Leora walked toward him. He felt her assessing gaze as it roved over him and refused to let it shake him or respond to it.

She slowly circuited him, apparently studying him from every angle. She stopped to examine the long slashing wound on his arm, seemed to assess each bruise and cut, categorizing every nuance of his body.

Finally, she halted in front of him and nodded. "Your wounds are a reflection of your bravery. It is my opinion that you are well-suited as a mate for my daughter. Your conduct and bravery have already shown you will be a good protector. You may ..."

The door to her office burst open, interrupting her words.

"Mother, please ..." a frantic feminine voice spoke from behind him, then stopped abruptly.

Valyn, unashamed of his nakedness, turned his head to see who was there and was shocked to find himself staring into the startled gaze of his soon-to-be mate. She was everything he had remembered, and more so. Her long dark hair fell in dishevelment about her face, her breasts heaved with agitation, and her pale pink lips were rounded in apparent shock. But what surprised him most was the dilated dark smoky depths of her eyes. Darkened with what could only be lust.

She had eyes for no one else in the room once she saw him standing there. He saw tears pool within their depths, the startled recognition. "What is your name?" she whispered hoarsely.

He turned toward her, and her mouth gaped wider; her eyes dilated more intensely, and he saw her hands clench at her side.

"My name is Valyn, Lady. I have come for you as I vowed I would."

"Valyn," she repeated. Her small pink tongue licked at her succulent lips, tears trailing down her face. He felt his cock take on a life of its own. "You have come. It is truly you? How can this be?"

"I made you a promise, and it has led me to this path."

"Katri, you should not be here," her mother protested.

Katriel turned to look at her mother with panicked, glazed eyes. "I need him, Mother. How you found him, I do not know, but I need him desperately." She glanced back at him.

He took a step toward her and stopped, not wanting to frighten her. Instead, she stepped to where he waited. Valyn could smell her arousal as she neared him. He cupped her face and lowered his head. She closed her eyes and sighed as he dropped forward to capture her lips. Nothing and no one else in this room mattered. Only the woman who offered herself to him -- the woman he had yearned for all these years, and for whom he had prepared himself to take.

Had anything ever tasted as sweet, and had any woman felt like such absolute bliss? Deepening the kiss, she opened to him, and he felt her hands inch upward along his bare chest, felt a sharp prick as her nails dug into his flesh. Ah, sweet pain. Unlike the ache of battle, this intensity of feeling was far different. He wanted more, needed to feel her fangs piercing him as he sank his cock into her pussy.

Thrusting his tongue into her mouth, he tasted her, grazed against her petite incisor and tasted his own blood as it filled her mouth. As though galvanized, she sucked, then sucked harder, opened her eyes wide, staring at him as his lifeblood spilled into her. She curled closer to his body, her nails digging deeper into his chest.

Yes, oh gods, yes. If only we were alone. It was not true pain he felt but an aching need to claim her, to burrow his cock deep inside her hot, tight channel. He wanted to feel her pulsing around him, clasping him, wanted --

He lifted his head to gaze down at her. She moaned, her claws retracted from his chest, and she collapsed in his arms, her eyelids fluttering closed. He caught her and lifted her into his arms, carrying her to the lounge chair he had seen upon entering the office.

Don't forget to check out the video trailer here at myspace in my video section.

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Esmerelda's Lovers Now Available at!!

I'm very pleased to share the news that my latest paperback erotic romance anthology is now available at Amazon.

Esmerelda's Lovers includes: Esmerelda's Secret, Smooth Finish, Ruthless Acts, and Closing Time.

From the first story I wrote about Esmerelda, this town has refused to leave me alone. I love small towns, grew up in one myself and there's just something that tugs to write the stories that take place in my fictional town of Esmerelda, Massachusetts.

Esmerelda, a small, sleepy town with passion as its foundation. It is a community built on tradition, holding deep, dark secrets and painful memories for some. Lives intertwine as usually happens in a small town. But as the past explodes into the present, futures will alter forever.

For Esmerelda's Secret--
4 1/2 Roses! The chemistry between Willow and J.W. is electric. ...a story that will pull you in from the beginning and doesn't want to release you until the end... -- Pam, A Romance Review

For Smooth Finish--
4 Stars!! What woman would allow her teenage crush to walk away a second time, especially when he makes her body sing? Boy, does he make it sing! Despite Jared's best efforts to keep his life in separate little boxes, Cody shows him that true love conquers all battles... --Michelle Naumann, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

For Ruthless Acts--
5 Lips!! Adrianna Dane has penned an erotic and emotionally intense story that draws you in immediately and doesn't let go until the very last page. The passion between Isandro and Elizabeth ignites the pages and will leave you wet and wanting, pulse racing for release of your own. ... Ruthless Acts is a definite must-read that'll engage your senses and leave you breathless for more... --Kerin, TwoLips Reviews

Esmerelda's Lovers, now available.

Thanks for letting me share.


Read excerpts of these stories at my website at

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The Writing Process

One would think that after forty-some stories, I'd have the process down, but that's still not the case. Every book is different and has a personality of its own. But recently I did discover a few things out about me and under what conditions I write best. At least for this month.

1. I'm a morning person--I write best starting at about 6 a.m.

2. I'm definitely not a night person. After 4 p.m. my brain is mush when it comes to writing. No new chapters for me.

3. After about a thousand words, I have to get up and walk away and sort of re-set my brain.

4. I am a binge writer, at least for the first draft. I have to get it down and then sort it out later. Maybe this comes from the days when I did the NANOWRriMo (writing a novel in thirty days). It actually works for me.

5. When I'm in the creative process I have to have junk food. During this round I've discovered carmel chocolate waffle blizzards. That keeps me fueled. I think my treadmill misses me though.

6. And I need peace and quiet so I can listen to my characters. No music, no television, no talking. Other than with my muse and my characters. It's almost like I have to center myself and then the words will come.

I know, I'm strange, that's just the way it is.

I've written the end to the novel I've been working on. That was done yesterday. Writing "The End" is such a rush. Ever single time.

I think I paid a bit more attention to my writing process for some odd reason. I was able to say, okay this work, and this works, and this doesn't. Maybe it's something that will help me down the road--or maybe the next book is going to require something else.

Right now that book has to set for a bit and I need to let the dust settle on it. Then the fun part--the editing. I love the part where I can mold it, and tweak it, and trim it, and add here and subtract there, and shape it.

I love the process of writing. Would I be here if I didn't?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

5-Lips Review (and excerpt) for Ruthless Acts

5 Lips!! Adrianna Dane has penned an erotic and emotionally intense story that draws you in immediately and doesn’t let go until the very last page. The passion between Isandro and Elizabeth ignites the pages and will leave you wet and wanting, pulse racing for release of your own. Elizabeth’s growth as an individual is marvelous and her commitment to a new life and the creation of a sanctuary for her renewal was awe-inspiring. Ruthless Acts is a definite must-read that’ll engage your senses and leave you breathless for more. --Kerin, TwoLips Reviews

Title: Ruthless Acts
Author: Adrianna Dane
Collection: Taboo AmberPax
Purchase Link:
Author URL:
Publisher: Amber Quill Press/Amber Heat
ISBN: 978-1-60272-024-4
Cover Art by Trace Edward Zaber


Esmerelda. Elizabeth was the sheriff’s ex-wife, the daughter of a powerful man, and a woman who felt passion had passed her by. And then she met her father’s newest employee and her passion suddenly bloomed with such intensity she was bound to be scorched by the sensual fire. What she didn’t know was that Isandro antario, her father’s new groundskeeper harbored many secrets. And Elizabeth Anthony was about to be consumed by the fires of revenge.


Ennui. That was the only word for it, Elizabeth thought as she walked toward the wide staircase leading to the second floor of her father’s mansion. Lately, his parties did that to her. Well, not just his parties, any of the elite functions she’d attended, be it for her father, or charity, or whatever, made her feel that way. Whether in Boston or Esmerelda, it didn’t matter.

Or maybe disillusioned was a better word for it. The fact that she was finally recovering from the second divorce she had sworn would never occur didn’t help matters. A two-time divorcee—how pathetic was that? She no longer enjoyed the displays of polite, plastic demonstrations of interest, the polished mask of the sophisticated networking among the affluent. All she could remember now were the little affairs Evan, her second husband, had instigated at those social functions. The last straw had been when she came home unexpectedly early one day and found him and his latest conquest, make that conquests—plural—in her own home, in the bed they shared. Evan and two young women cavorting in the sanctity of their home. That was taking things too far and had been the last straw.

Maybe there hadn’t been the passion of lovers between them, but there should have been some level of respect. He should have taken his little whores to a hotel, not to their home. Her home. The apartment she had paid for with money her mother had left her in a trust fund. But at least it was over now, and it had cost her a pretty penny, as well as the condo, to be shed of him. And it had been worth every cent.

Ascending to the second floor of the mansion, her footsteps muffled by the thickly carpeted hallway, she strode toward her father’s office.

How had she become so jaded at thirty-three? She stopped at the polished oak door of her father’s small library-cum-study thinking to grab a book and retreat to her room, away from the noise of the party taking place on the first floor. She had made her duty appearance, smiled and sat through dinner listening to the dull yammerings of the handsome, rich businessmen her father had seated near her, obviously hoping for a third spouse that might just take this time.

Sorry to disappoint you, Dad, but there will not be a third…anything. Not from this crowd.

She’d gone as far down that road as any dutiful daughter should be required to venture.

They did nothing for her, not even a tingle. Oh, they were handsome enough, just not men who interested her. Ever since her divorce from the county sheriff, J.W. Dalton, she had tried to do her duty to her father. She knew she had disappointed him when her marriage had fallen apart, but she simply could not stay with a man who did not love her. Truth be told, she wasn’t sure she had loved him the way she should have. But it had pleased her father and that’s what was important. At least it had been for about a year.

She finally realized that if she stayed with J.W., it would ruin the rest of both their lives, because J.W. did love someone else, with a passion that Elizabeth had only dreamed of. Until recently, that is. She had to set J.W. free even if it meant disappointing her father, because if nothing else, she liked J.W. and she wanted to see him happy.

It had taken a while, but Willow MacKenzie, the woman he truly desired, had finally returned to Esmerelda. They’d been married for several years now, with one beautiful daughter and another baby on the way. They looked very happy together, and Elizabeth knew every time she saw them, she’d made the right decision.

Then there had been Evan Manning. J.W. had at least loved Willow. Evan, on the other hand, loved only himself. He had hid it very well through their courtship, but Evan was a user, and once they were married he had been very blatant about exactly what kind of man he was.

The marriage to Evan, surprisingly, had lasted two years, but there had been even less holding them together. Certainly a lot less respect. She had tried so hard to make it work, closing her eyes to things she shouldn’t have. She would not make that mistake again.

If only she’d been able find the right man for herself. Even to please her father, she could not approach marriage again with any of the potential suitors he’d thought acceptable. She simply couldn’t bring herself to do it. She already tried it—twice. Never again.

She’d even gone back to Boston and spent time there, away from Esmerelda, and still hadn’t found anyone whom she’d wanted to spend the rest of her life with. And then she’d returned home once more, closing up her condo in Boston, to play hostess for her father. Was it only four weeks since she’d returned this time?

She loved Esmerelda and enjoyed the small-town atmosphere, the familiarity and closeness of the small community. It had taken all her powers of persuasion to get her father to allow her to attend the local high school when she was younger. Only the promise that she would agree to attend Boston University and make the grades necessary to be admitted, kept him from shipping her off to a private school. She had tried so hard to be what he had wanted her to be. But the time had come to be her own person now. Enough was enough. And she had only begun to realize there was more to life than what her father expected of her. Much more.

She opened the door to the study and stepped inside. Before she could throw on the light switch a muscular arm snaked around her, twirled her around, and thrust her face first against the door. Her heart thundered in her chest. There was an intruder in her father’s study. She struggled against the strong hold. A hard, callused hand pressed over her mouth.

She bit down and tasted blood.

"Dios, Elizabeth," a familiar, sensual voice growled in her ear. "What are you trying to do?"

"Isandro." She released a sigh of relief and the tension melted away. Speaking of passion. Who could have known what, or rather who, she would discover with this return to Esmerelda. What she found was that passion wasn’t quite the elusive stranger she had thought it was. So what if she found it with the most unlikely person—someone her father would never approve of. Someone who would never enjoy being a part of the elite society her father so revered.

He spun her around and the next thing she knew, her breath was captured by a demanding mouth, his tongue thrust deeply inside. She wound her arms around his neck. Even in the dark, he exuded sexuality, and she was no match for his meandering, sensual possession. He lifted his head and his gaze glittered through the murky darkness of the room.

"What are you doing in here?" she gasped. "How did you get in?" She felt his hand at the zipper of her dress, felt it give beneath his knowledgeable touch. To hell with what her father thought. This man made her blood sing in a way it never had before.

"I was waiting for you, amante," he responded.

"But how could you possibly know—"

His mouth descended again, cutting off her words. Any lucid train of thought was immediately shattered.

He slid the dress down her arms and it dropped to the floor in a glittering puddle at her feet. "We wouldn’t want to rip such a expensive, pretty dress, now would we?"

"What are you planning to do?" she gasped. The man had no shame whatsoever. She’d certainly figured that out in the last couple of weeks.

"I’m going to make love to you, what do think I’m going to do?"

"Here?" she squeaked.

He gripped her hand and dragged her across the room to the door leading onto the small balcony. "No, not in here. You know how I feel about enclosed places." He pulled the door open and yanked her onto the cement landing.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Romantic Times TOP PICK! Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood

Here's an excerpt and a snippet of the review:

4-1/2 Stars, Romantic Times BOOKreviews TOP PICK!

Readers will be blown away by this dark tale of love, betrayal and revenge. The highly detailed world is occupied by complex, sometimes violent species. This is one hot story, with passionate, erotic sex in many configurations. ...The secondary cast is just as fascinating and their back stories are intense. Dane knows how to keep the suspense building... --Gail Pruszkowski, Romantic Times BOOKreviews


Katriel Saguna is heir to the House of Leah, descendant of an ancient predatory race once labeled bloodhunters. Centuries of vigilance have culminated in a guarded, civilized society able to trade peacefully with other worlds without fear of annihilation. Ingestion of blood is still a requirement for Sangorrians such as Katriel–dragon's blood being the main source for youth and unattached Sangorrians. Without it they would die. The time has come for Katriel to bond with an offworlder–the Primary Alpha chosen by her mother, Mistress Leora Saguna. His will be the only human blood she will ingest. He will become her partner, her protector, her lover–and her source of life...

The civilized society Katriel has always known is about to be torn apart. Will Valyn be able to protect her or is he already too late?


Leora rose from the bathing pool, the warm water cascading down her body, and trembled with the knowledge that her beloved Sec would be with her soon. Tish stood by the side of the pool holding up a large, soft towel, and enveloped Leora in it as she stepped from the water.

One of Noah's warriors had arrived a short time ago to inform them the contingent would reach the inner gates within the next two hours. Leora had directed the household to prepare food and drink for their arrival. Once satisfied that everything was in order, she had hurried to her own apartments to ready herself for the return of her lover.

After Tish dried Leora's body and combed her long ebony tresses until they glimmered and shone in the light, she opened a bottle of fragrant blackberry lotion to apply to Leora's body.

"Stop, Tish. Leave me. I can bear no more." Leora's skin was already so sensitized that any more of Tish's ministrations would be pure agony. Even the gentle breeze of the early evening air floating in through the window, stroking at her skin, teased her already aroused body into unbearable agony.

She waved Tish away when she would have helped her to don a burgundy silk robe. If anything else touched her body, she would scream. The only thing she wanted anywhere near her skin right now was Noah -- she needed his touch desperately.

"Is there anything further that you require, Mistress?"

She was short with Tish and she should not have been -- it was not her fault Leora's need was so great she could not bear to be near another. Taking her control in hand, she smiled at Tish and touched her hand. An aching tremor passed through her body, but she suppressed a groan and tried to focus on her loyal servant, who did not deserve the harsh edge of her impatience.

"No, thank you, Tish. If you would just see that everything else is prepared. Be certain that the room is in order for Katri's intended Predom. He will be staying in the northeast bedroom on the first floor until the bonding ceremony."

"Right away, Mistress." She turned and left Leora's apartments.

Exiting the large bathing room, Leora entered her bedroom. She surveyed the room, checking to see that all was arranged for his arrival. The bed was laid with fresh linen, new candles were placed in the iron wall sconces, and a tray of sliced fresh bread and an assortment of meats and cheeses set on a table, together with a decanter of Aurora wine. And on the table next to the bed was another decanter of turquoise liquid with one crystal goblet. Omgavita -- the vital drink of life to keep her mate healthy and well. As Noah cared for her, so must she care for him in return. She stroked a finger along the slope of the bottle, then felt liquid heat slide along her thighs from between her folds and shuddered with anticipation.

It was best she did not go down to the reception hall to meet him. He had been away too long, and her control was practically nonexistent. Who was she kidding? It was nonexistent. And the closer he came, the more sensitized her body was, a static of need surrounding and clinging, driving her closer and closer to the edge of splintering control.

Walking to the window, she focused her gaze on the gate, willing him to ride through it. Her breath halted in her breast as she watched the gatekeepers pull open the inner gates. Leaning closer to the window, she gripped the ledge to steady herself and her fingertips bit into its unforgiving, cool marble edge. Her sensitive, tight nipples brushed against the smooth, cold wall, and she hissed with the sensation.

Unable to help herself, she pushed hard, needing the cold pressure against her heated flesh. Her fingers drifted down to her engorged pussy, sliding through her juices. She stroked and circled her clitoris, needing release, yet it flitted away from her touch, and she whimpered in frustrated pain.

Then she saw him ride through the open gate. Her gaze drank thirstily at her first sight of him, the way an Ebonnian would after having gone months in the barren borders without food and drink. He sat proud and tall on the muscled bronkitor she had gifted him not long ago to commemorate the anniversary of their contract.

He brought his mount to a sliding halt before the steps of the house proper and threw the reins to a waiting groom as he vaulted off. Halfway up the steps, he stopped and spoke several words to a waiting servant, as he removed his gloves, then leaped up the remaining steps.

Weakness overcame her, the overwhelming, instinctive need of a Sangorrian female for her mate, and she stroked a hand over her needy breasts. Nothing was stronger, nothing more difficult to control. She felt the thick cream of her desire more heavily coat her thighs, and her vagina pulsed with the need to be filled. Oh, merciful heaven, let him be quick -- she could not contain it much longer. Her fangs throbbed painfully, the anticipation almost destroying her.

Suddenly, the door to her chambers rocked open with a bang, and he stood before her, filling the doorway. Unable to wait one moment more, she literally leaped across the length of the room. He caught her in his arms, and she devoured him with her mouth, piercing through his lips with her tongue, which he sucked into his own hot, greedy mouth, returning her fierce demand and pouring out his own passion. He tasted of long hours of travel, spicy dust, sweat, hot male, and driving need.

His hands cupped her naked bottom to lift and support her, as with one heel he kicked the door shut behind him. She wrapped her legs around his hips and ripped open the front of his dragon suit, exposing his solid, muscled chest.

Blindly, instinctively, she tore her lips from his and, baring her fangs, sank them into warm, firm skin. As the first molten spurts of his lifeblood struck her throat, she moaned in ecstasy as the energy of his blood sang through her, her body blossoming like a flower opening to the sun. So good, so delicious. He smelled of the hot, spicy land, tasted of male and fire, and she ravenously consumed the heady mixture.

"Ahhhh," she heard him breathe as he strode with her toward the large bed, where he sat, supporting her as she drank from him. "You have missed me," he murmured, stroking her long hair. "Take what you need, beloved, all that you need. I am here now."

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