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A First Review for Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood

I have a place at myspace and a good network of friends. This past weekend Maria read a story excerpt on my blog there and ended up purchasing my recent release "Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood" from Loose-Id. Since her blog is set to private, I asked her permission to use her review and am reposting it here. You can find Marie's profile at

"Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood by Adrianna Dane

I don't read vampire books.

That was a statement I could have made just last week. Therefore, as a rule I still don't read vampire books but I have made this exception. Given the chance to read a teaser from Z1 I found the relationship between Katriel and Valyn completely facinating. Just in those few paragraphs I was influenced to purchase and read my first ebook.

I was concerned about buying a book online. Cost vs quantity. Cost vs. computer downloading error. How will it be to read an entire book on a computer monitor? I love to go to the bookstore, buying a brand new book. The smell, the feel and breaking the binding as I devour it. Yes, I truely am a seriously addicted book junky. Could I stand the loss? What swayed me in the end was the fact it could be downloaded into Adobe reader and then loaded onto my PDA. Loss of the touchable book was still there but my PDA at least made it portable. It was time...I took a deep breath, stepped into the 21st century and downloaded Z1 and read it from my PDA. 229 pages. About 102,000 words. I felt like I was on Star Trek.

The Zytarri Star System located in the Aurora Nebulon Galaxy a world far, far from our own...Species decidedly different from us.

If you like futuristic Sci-fi fantasy with a gothic twist, dragons, vampires, soldiers of war, revenge, sex, poison, passionate lovers, rituals and a good old fashioned good vs evil story. This could be for you.

The villian opens the story. Gregor Korridan is a revolting, vile beast of a creature that I'm still somewhat questioning his motives. Overall I have been convinced he is outragously insane. Cross Dracula with Caligula then mix in a desire to be Master of the world and obtain revenge. Ms. Dane created a monster vampire that will stop at nothing to acheive his goals.

The romance between Katriel and Valyn was very much what I hoped. What was so much more magnificent was the story between Katriel's mother Leora and her "sec" Noah. I found myself hungry to find out more of their story. I suspect another book may be forthcoming. Hopefully, revealing more of their extraordinary story.

Ms. Dane kept me in suspense. I still wonder who all the traitors may have been. Who I thought could not be a traitor, no matter what, indeed was one. I was disappointed but it fell in line with the plot and could grow as the saga continues.

I enjoyed the play on terminology. I like how everything I ever knew about vampires was explained in one way or another. It melted into the story with hardly a thought.

I enjoyed it. I'd definately read the next book. More Please."

Thanks so much, Marie.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fearfully Delicious Now Available at Fictionwise

Now Available at Fictionwise
Just in time for Halloween
Fearfully Delicious, a Phaze release

...The night was so silent, and the wind had picked up speed. She looked up at the sky to see the shadow of a fluffy cloud pass before the face of the moon. It was an Ichabod Crane kind of night, and again, she shook with morbid anticipation. What sort of little goblins awaited?

"Well?" he inquired again.

"The cemetery," she responded, feeling as though she were caught in twilight, moving into an otherworldly sort of trance as she walked toward the open gate highlighted by Robert's flashlight.

He took her arm and guided her between the posts as they stepped across the uneven ground of the overgrown cemetery. Shadows of gravestones hovered around them. Again she shivered as a frigid breeze glanced across her skin, like a ghost passing through her.

He knows what she needs...what she fears...what she desires


They shared a passion for old vintage horror movies. but he discovered she held captive unfulfilled longings always hidden from her other lovers, fearing their scorn. Until Robert. He alone recognized the key to unlocking the secrets of her soul, and in the knowing laid claim to the essence of everything she was.

Tonight was designed for her pleasure. He'd orchestrated the scene carefully, located just the right setting. And at the stroke of midnight on Halloween night he'd command all her delicious, darkest desires to surface, fulfilling her secret fantasies, and bind her to him forever.


"How did you find out about this place?"

He smiled. "That would be telling. You trust me, right?"

Glancing at her quickly, he saw her lips tremble, the muscles in her throat tightened as she swallowed. His cock hardened in anticipation at the thought of her lovely red lips wrapped around his stiff prick, taking him deep, swallowing his seed. Damn, she was so good at that, her mouth so warm and moist.

And her silky, shoulder-length blonde hair. He enjoyed feeling it whisk across his skin, stroking his balls. He glanced quickly out at the landscape, thankful they were close to their destination, because he was ready to have her go down on him right here, as they passed through the shadowy twilight.

She turned her large, liquid brown gaze on him. He loved her eyes, the color of aged whiskey rimmed in velvet night, expressive echoes of her intense emotions. "Of course, I trust you. I was just curious."

He could smell her arousal. And her fear. Sevra loved the edge. And it was Robert's job to find that edge, keep her there, poised at the precipice, begging for release, yet protecting her from harm. In the year and a half they'd dated, and the last six months of living together, he'd come to understand Sevra very well. It gave him as much pleasure to be able to give her what she wanted––no, needed––to set the stage so to speak, as in the actual act of making love.

When he found the right recipe, her reactions were so passionate and all-consuming, he found himself totally enthralled with her sensual abandon. In every way she pleased him more than he'd ever thought it possible to be content with one woman. She was passionate, adventurous, intelligent, and loving. Sexually, there was very little she would not willingly to do with him––for him. She satisfied him in ways he'd never imagined. And she continually challenged him.

Professionally, they worked for the same investment company as investment advisors. It's how they'd first met. And as they'd gotten to know each other better, they'd found they had a lot in common, particularly in movies.

Their first date had been on Halloween and they'd gone to a special showing of Dracula with Bela Lugosi. Between the two of them, they had a large collection of the vintage horror films on DVD, but they enjoyed seeing them on the large movie theater screens.

It was also when he began to surmise something else, something, Sevra told him, none of her other lovers had figured out.

What Reviewers are Saying:

5 Stars!! ...For so short a story, Fearfully Delicious is fabulous. As the tale begins, Ms. Dane brings us characters you feel like you already know, which is essential when dealing with limited pages. ... Not only did she provide characters to cherish, she managed to have a plot and some steamy sex scenes. ... Fearfully Delicious was a joy to read and I gladly recommend others to pick it up. You will not be disappointed... --Suni Farrar, JERR

4.5 Nymphs!! ...If you like being scared, you have got to read this book. This is a short sexy read that's "Fearfully Delicious"!! Adrianna Dane does a fabulous job of giving shivers!!! --Irish Minx, Literary Nymphs

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New Review and an Excerpt of Nights in White Satin

I received a new review the other day for my story, Nights in White Satin, and I thought I'd share it with you.

Synopsis of Story:

Celine Valentini and Peter Cortland found the promise of love seven years ago. But an accident almost claiming Celine's life ripped away any future with Peter. Circumstances bring them together again. Can inner fears be overcome, or will unresolved jealousies in Celine's past succeed in causing her destruction.

An excerpt from the review:

"Nights in White Satin began with a most erotic dream that gave me a good clue as to what is to come. This story is packed with erotic passion between Celine and Peter, both of which must come to terms with their long-held fear in order for their lives together to go forward freely. Ms. Dane ended her story in a way that I found to be the perfect ending. ... If you are looking for a story to keep you warm at night you can't miss with Nights in White Satin..." --Jo,

An excerpt from the story:

"There's someone here to see you." Celine's assistant, Laura, hovered in the doorway.

Celine looked up from her computer screen and the spreadsheet she couldn't seem to get to balance. "Who is it?"

Laura shrugged. "I have no idea. I've never seen him before. He's not one of your regular clients."

Releasing a sigh, Celine leaned back in her chair. She didn't have time for unexpected visitors. She was leaving to meet Daniel in half an hour. "Did he give you a name?"

"Said his name's Peter Cortland. That it was a personal family matter and rather urgent."

"Personal, huh? I don't recognize the name, so I can't imagine what he could possibly want." She combed her fingers through her hair, leaned back, and groaned. "I guess you better send him in. He's not a salesman, is he?"

"No, he doesn't talk the talk, if you know what I mean. I can usually spot them within thirty seconds of them opening their mouths."

Celine laughed. "Yes, you can. Well. We'll see if you're right this time."

It wasn't long before there was a knock at the door. It opened and Laura leaned in. "Mr. Cortland for you, Celine."

Rising from her chair, she smoothed a hand down the front of her gray wool skirt, and looked toward the door. A tall man with caramel, sun kissed hair stepped inside and Laura closed the door behind him.

"Mr. Cortland. Please sit down. How can I help you?"

His gaze rose to meet hers, and Celine's shock turned her legs to liquid. If not for the tight grasp she maintained on the edge of her oak desk, she would have fallen. Disbelief widened her eyes when she glimpsed the familiar gold-flecked green of his. She'd recognize those eyes anywhere. She'd stared into them last night--in her erotic dream.

"Pele!" she gasped, sinking into her chair.

A small half-smile curled his sensuous mouth. He stepped further into the room. "Hello, Celine. It's been a long time."

Talk about understatement. "Uncle Alberto said you left the circus. What are you doing here?"

He arched a golden brow. "Al said I left? That's odd. Are you sure?"

Celine thought back, trying to remember her conversation. "Well, he said Pele left. I never knew your real name, did I? How is it that Pele left, yet you're here now? On a personal family matter?"

"Pele hasn't performed in quite some time. Your grandfather wanted a business partner a few years back. Alberto wasn't interested. You know how he is. He likes his freedom. Sebastian offered it to me. So I now have a half ownership in the circus."

She'd known seven years ago Pele didn't have the usual air of the wanderer, that there was much more to him. It's why she'd been drawn to him. There'd been a sad aura around him. Unfortunately, she'd never been able to penetrate the wall he seemed always to hide behind. Well, that wasn't actually true. There had been the one time.

He'd arrived at the circus at a time when her family had just begun to define her role in the trapeze act. They'd had a family meeting and agreed she should focus on the aerial ballet. They wanted to add a hook, so created the duo of Pele the Mime and Celine the Silken Temptress. The subtle sparks between them had kept the audience enthralled.

She would tease and flaunt herself to him and then the crowd, pretending to flirt elsewhere, and he would draw her back to him. Then when it came time for her to mount the rope webbing, her performance glittering and dangerous, Pele was there, her watcher, steadying her as she danced in the air.

Until the night she and the rope went spiraling toward the ground.

With some sort of superhuman ability, he'd been there, his body breaking her fall before she met the unforgiving earth, cushioning her from impact. She'd suffered a dislocated shoulder, some bruising, and a bad sprain to her ankle, but it would have been far worse without his quick thinking.

They'd never discovered what actually caused the accident. Equipment was always checked and double-checked, nothing left to chance. The rigger swore he'd checked the rigging immediately before the performance as usual and everything had been good. It shouldn't have happened, but it had.

After that night, for some reason Pele had pulled away from her emotionally. The loss of Pele and the unexpected fear of returning to the air gnawed at her. Finally, she'd left the circus, unable to bear the pain of daily contact with him. It had only been amplified by the fact she'd become a disappointment to her family as well. She couldn't ascend to the trapeze, let along perform on the ropes.

And now here he was before her in the flesh. Not her beloved Pele, but someone she didn't know. Peter Cortland. Businessman. She rolled the name through her mind. A stranger. Yet, when she looked into his eyes, all she saw was Pele.

She turned away to look out the window. "I don't have long, Pel--Peter. Why are you here?"

"Sebastian is ill. He wants to see you." His voice lowered a notch. "It's time for you to come home, Celine."

She felt the pull. Admitted to herself she'd felt it for a long time, this need to return to her roots.

Swiveling back, she faced him. "How bad is he? And why didn't I know about it before?"

"He started having chest pains a week ago. The doctors kept him in the hospital and ran some tests. He may need surgery. Before surgery, he wants to see you."

It was December. The winter break. They'd be in Florida now, practicing and preparing for the new season. She remembered the routine as if it was yesterday.

It was hard to think of her grandfather as ill. He'd always been the backbone of the family. After her parents were killed in a plane crash, he'd been the rock that kept her and her sister, Nina, from falling apart. He hadn't wanted her to leave. He'd told her she'd get over her fear of the trapeze, she just needed to give it time. If only that had been her sole reason. But Pele's coldness was the real driving force for staying away, not the trapeze.

"When does he go in for surgery?" She knew there was no choice.

"They've scheduled him for the fifth of January."

His voice offered no clue how he felt about her return, his expression bland. He might as well have been wearing the painted face of the mime he'd always hid behind.

Abruptly she stood and turned back to the window. "And you? How do you feel about my return?"

She hated herself for asking, but she had to know. Tense silence filled the room, long and drawn out until it stretched her nerves to the point of breaking.

Like in her dream, she felt him behind her. Close. She focused on the reflection in the glass, watched as he raised his hands and rested them on her shoulders. The touch sent a jolt of electricity surging through her. She tensed in reaction, fighting the burgeoning desire that had begun to spiral inside.

"I want you to come home, Celine." She felt his breath against her hair. "I know I hurt you before you left. I want a chance to--"

She whirled about and quickly moved away from him. "A chance to what? It's been seven years. At any time you could have come to me. I've been here the whole time." Waiting for you, she stopped herself from adding. Acknowledging for the first time that was exactly what she'd been doing. "Why didn't you come before this?" She could hear the frustrated pain in her voice and wanted to scream, to rage at him. All these years she'd waited for him to come. To realize he loved her.

Then finally, when she'd at last given up, knowing it was a false hope, when she'd made up her mind to give Daniel the answer he'd been waiting for--now he strolled back into her life, turning it upside down.

"Celine, I didn't know how to come to you. It's as simple as that." He ran a hand through his hair and she heard a deep sigh escape from him. "If it's too late, I know it's my fault. But when Sebastian asked me to come to you, I knew it was my chance."

"And what if this hadn't happened? Would you ever have come?"

"I don't know." The heavy words dropped between them. "I'd like to think I would have, but...there's so much you don't know about me. Things I should have told you and didn't, reasons I ended up hurting you."

"Can there be any reason good enough to do what you did? Do you have any idea how abandoned I felt? Did you even care? God! I loved you and you turned off just like that. No reason, no explanation. I don't know that I'm able to give you another chance." She shouldn't have said it. Why had she exposed herself like that to his ridicule?

A shadow of the dream came back to haunt her. In the dream she was naked--completely vulnerable. A shiver ran along her spine as the images of her erotic fantasy tangled in her mind. She'd wanted--needed his approval.

He stalked across the room and grabbed her by the shoulders. "Is this reason enough to consider what I have to say?" he growled.

Lowering his head, she saw a flash of green, and then he dipped and seized her lips in a hot, savage claiming. His hand tangled in her hair, holding her firm. His tongue penetrated, stealing her breath, demanding her response. With the other hand, he bent her to him. She felt his hard arousal and whimpered with need.

Hope you are having a wonderful week.!


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Sequestered Passion Receives a Recommended Read


Judge Eliza O'Brien has always lived her life under the harsh, unforgiving spotlight of public approval, dedicating herself to serving the letter of the law. Until the night she meets Joseph Acosta and forms a passionate, sensual--and private--relationship discovering a part of herself she never knew existed.

To publicly admit her love and need for Joseph, a man with a reputation for enjoying alternative sensual delights--will jeopardize everything she's worked so hard to achieve in her life. The time has come when she must choose to live in the kaleidoscope of life-giving passionate color she has discovered with Joseph or suppress her desires and return to the emotionless black and white publicly acceptable boundaries of courtly justice. Common sense tells her there is no way to meld the two parts of her life into one fulfilling whole--or is there?

5 Angels and a Recommended Read from Fallen Angel Reviews

"Sequestered Passion has been expertly written and provides a wonderfully insightful look into the BDSM community and the worries that people entering the community for the first time may have. All of the love scenes, including the ones that contain light bondage, have been sensitively done and the whole book makes for a wonderful read. ...This is a fantastic book, and I would recommend Adrianna Dane's work without question... --Heidi, Fallen Angel Reviews

An Excerpt from Sequestered Passion:

At last conquering the intense scrutiny of the metal detector, and the close inspection of the guards, he replaced the contents from the small plastic tray back into his pockets. He'd been detained at a meeting and was running a little late so, of course, he couldn't make it through with strictly one pass--no, it had taken three before they'd eventually patted him down and finally used the wand to detect any illegal contraband.

Walking along the quiet corridor, he approached the heavy oak door to Courtroom No. 5, then opened it and slipped inside. The guard glanced at him and nodded, recognizing him from many past encounters. He was as familiar with Joseph as any of the other countless attorneys who passed through these doors, both in defense and prosecution of the many cases presented before the judge.

The room was packed to capacity with no seating available, so he stepped to the side, leaning against the back wall. It was a high profile case and the whole city would be interested in the final verdict and the resulting sentencing.

Although Joseph was as interested as any of the occupants in the room, it was the judge herself that Joseph Acosta's attention was focused on.

Judge Eliza O'Brien. His Eliza. No one had the least inkling of their relationship. It afforded him a great deal of pleasure to know that the luscious body hidden beneath that unobtrusive black robe belonged to him.

It was Eliza's choice to keep her two worlds separate. He was certain no one had the slightest indication of the passion that broiled beneath the smooth, calm exterior of the judge now seated on the bench.

But he knew. He knew exactly the seething waters that had taken Eliza thirty-five years to accept as her due. Joseph had been the one to open that door for her.

Although she'd finally offered her submission to him in one sense, she still held facets he'd been unable to conquer in her. Like her fear of what people would say if they knew about her lifestyle outside of the persona of all-knowing impartial judge.

He smiled as he thought of that impartiality. Looking at her now, with her honey-colored hair pulled back into an elegant, tight twist, her eyes the color of the Atlantic Ocean on a frigid day, all emotion locked away--the acceptable picture of what society expected of someone in her position--especially a woman. Impeccable reputation. Tastefully perfect. Totally sexless.

Meeting her at a small political gathering hosted by his friend Daimaen Sinclair and his lovely submissive, Sylvie Taylor, he'd known of Eliza, but had never had the occasion to meet her socially. Although they were, strictly speaking, both part of the legal profession, she didn't exactly travel in his particular circles. And he found hers boring and unimaginative.

But on that night everything changed--for a brief span of time their two worlds had entered the same sphere. He'd seen something in her twilight-blue eyes that had speared his interest. It was a needy, unfulfilled longing. As he circuited the gathering, he'd studied her closely as her gaze seemingly trailed Daimaen and Sylvie about the room. He saw her expression darken when Daimaen happened to slide a hand along the length of Sylvie's back to inch beneath the slippery material of her clinging dress.

Surmising that if Daimaen was hosting this party for her, then she must be acquainted to some extent with his lifestyle, he found himself intrigued. Knowing that, Joseph was more than curious as to how deep her knowledge went, and that caused his predatory instincts to surface.

She'd stood at the side of the room, greeting people graciously, with a perfect, cool smile on her composed face. But it was her eyes that told him a different story. They were the reason he'd eventually crossed the room to introduce himself. In the time they'd known each other since, it had been the only time they'd acknowledged each other publicly beyond courtesy.

His attention was brought back to the courtroom as she turned her elegant head and nodded to the bailiff. He opened the side door and the jury members filed into the room and took their seats in the jury box. The verdict was handed to the bailiff and he turned and handed the slip of paper to the judge.

Joseph watched as she nodded to the bailiff who stepped away. The stenographer, with hands poised, awaited the first words to be spoken, ready to memorialize the moment. The room hushed in anticipation.

Every movement so controlled. He admired her command of the courtroom. He liked it even more when he controlled his girl in private. When she lay writhing beneath him, naked and wanting, and willing to do whatever he directed her to do.

His erection grew thick and pressed against the front of his trousers at the memory of their last encounter.

Every time he saw her with her public face firmly in place, he imagined her in private, accepting everything he gave her--be it a soft loving, a hard fucking, or a sensual spanking. She warmed to every moment, eager to please him, urgent to submit to every sensual moment he wanted her to experience. The only one in control during those times was him--and she handed it to him willingly. He would have had it no other way.

As he watched her now, he marveled at her ability to separate these two very different parts of herself--that there was no hint of the fiery woman hidden beneath the black robe of justice. But he also knew that was the very reason she needed him, acquiesced to his demands, and reveled in her submission.

Like any submissive he'd possessed over the years, he gave her what she required--had known what she craved before she even understood it herself.

What he found surprising was that he continued to find her a challenge, looked forward to every encounter with excitement and anticipation. The fact that he actually agreed to these boundaries of hers surprised the hell out of him even more. Possessing all of her became an intricate part of his life, and he found he wanted all of her, not strictly the private moments.

But that was something that couldn't be forced. The world knew what he was, what his lifestyle was all about--he'd never hidden it from anyone. To some extent it had added to his mystique in the courtroom and in his dealings with adversaries. He was a man who took chances, not just in private, but in public as well--and wasn't afraid to break through boundaries of socially acceptable behavior.

So why did he put up with Eliza's need for secrecy? He asked himself that question almost daily. Why did he accept that she would not acknowledge him and their relationship publicly?

Of course, he knew the answer. He wanted her willing commitment and he was prepared to wait for that acceptance. For him, she was worth it. He was a patient man, especially when the prize was Eliza's complete submission. It was like mining for that pure vein of gold in a cold dark cave. To a miner, each discovery was worth the hard work it took to discover the prize.

He was more than confident that eventually she would accept her nature and what she needed to be happy, and both elements of her life would meld together to make her complete--completely his.

He watched as she scanned the paper, refolded it, and handed it back to the bailiff, who walked across the floor, and handed it to the foreman.

"Please read the verdict," Eliza instructed the foreman.

"We find the defendant guilty on all counts."

There was a roar from the spectators in response to the verdict.

The judge pounded the gavel. "Quiet, please, or this courtroom will be cleared." Her voice demanded attention and the excited conversation silenced immediately. Several reporters rushed out the door, others murmured in undertones between themselves.

Joseph again appreciated her full command of the courtroom. How had he warranted the gift of such a beauty acceding to his every desire? It had been a chance meeting, with fate playing its powerful hand that night.

He didn't need to wait for the poll of the jury. He would learn all that he needed to know later. From the moment she left the courtroom today, she would be his for the weekend. He'd arranged his schedule to accommodate her; now it was time to prepare. He planned to drive and Eliza would fly in and be met by a car from the hotel. She would expect him to break down her defenses that would be ingrained in her from the hours of control required in her position. That's what she needed him to do, and he didn't plan to disappoint her.

He smiled with satisfaction at the thought of the contents in the overnight bag in his car. She would get what she wanted--and much more.

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New Contest: September Scent Drawing

I'll be holding a September Scent Drawing celebrating the recent release of my story, Scent, by Amber Heat.

Join my newsletter group by September 30th to be entered.

September Scent Contest prize includes the DVD "Scent of a Woman," a Secrets Volume of stories, chocolate, and a votive candle holder and candle.

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Servants of the Muse - August Newsletter

August 2006 Newsletter

When The Muse Calls, We Heed The Demand!

Shed your inhibitions and enter worlds of emotion, romance and sensuality.

Your reading pleasure awaits the muse in you.

Adrianna Dane / Tess Maynard

News from Adrianna's Muse:

At Fictionwise, Immortal Treasure has reached the #1 spot for highest rated in erotica!

My newest release at Amber Heat is Scent, part of the Potions, Elixirs, and Brews...Oh My! AmberPax. Their story began with If You Dare... Tonight his sensual sorcery will call to the magic of her soul.

Jebediah's Promise...5 Hearts! "Adrianna Dane creates a wonderful story of two people meeting for the very first time and it is love at first sight. I was deeply moved by reading this book and I found myself urging Trudy on as she struggled with day to day routines on an Army base and I cried with her as the Army Chaplain knocked on her door. The book is very realistic and a definite keeper!" -- Linda B., The Romance Studio

Buy it at: Amber Heat

Muse Question of the Month:

Muse: You're getting ready to start a new project. What's the first thing you do?

Adrianna / Tess: It's hard to know exactly what comes first, but the first thing I usually write down is a brief summery of the story or a quick outline, and then it goes from there as I begin to plot more fully and do the research and write the story.

Contact Adrianna / Tess:


Isabella Jordan

News from Isabella's Muse:

Isy is happy to report that she has a release in the Torn AmberPax in September from Amber Quill Press - Sache's Consort. At the moment she is finishing the sequel to PMS: Werewolves of London which will be released in October from Changeling Press. Look for PMS: The Midnight Hour. Look for more details on both stories soon. She also has a new MySpace page. Come be her friend at =)

Sopdet...5 Hearts! "Isabella Jordan has done it again with the continuing story of Egyptian Lover 2: Sopdet! Ms. Jordan's witty dialogue and snappy comebacks by Carson made this a humorous and excellent read with white-hot sex! Fans of Ms. Jordan's will not be disappointed! Another good one Ms. Jordan! Bravo!" -- Linda B., The Romance Studio

Buy it at: Changeling Press

Muse Question of the Month:

Muse: You're getting ready to start a new project. What's the first thing you do?

Isabella: Scream, turn white, and pass out? LMAO

Contact Isabella:

Lyndi Lamont / Linda McLaughlin

News from Lyndi's / Linda's Muse:

Linda McLaughlin, aka Lyndi Lamont, will be signing her books on August 26 from 2-4PM at Bearly Used Books, 123 S 1st St. La Puente, CA. Contact her at for more details.

Prepare to be Boarded...5 Angels! "Part of the Amber Quill Press Shiver M’ Timbers AmberPax Collection, Prepare to Be Boarded has it all: adventure, steamy sex, a hunky hero, and a woman unafraid of going after what she wants. Author Lyndi Lamont delivers a sexy, swashbuckling story set on the high seas, and creates a pulse-pounding and heart-warming romance in the process. Eliza is confident and sassy, and she matches wits well with Morgan. They say that reformed rakes make the best husbands; I wonder if this applies to pirates as well? Find out for yourself in Prepare to Be Boarded." -- Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews

Buy it at: Amber Heat

Muse Question of the Month:

Muse: You're getting ready to start a new project. What's the first thing you do?

Lyndi / Linda: Usually, and I stress that word because each story is different, the first thing I do is to type a paragraph or two about the basic idea, then let it incubate in my subconscious. As ideas come to me, I add them to the file. Some stories develop quickly and others take more time. I'm pretty flexible by nature, but I can be persistent, so if one method doesn't work, I'll try another until I find what does.

Contact Lyndi / Linda:

Linda McLaughlin:

Yahoo Group:

Lyndi Lamont:

Yahoo Group:

Lacey Savage

News from Lacey's Muse:

Lacey is thrilled to announce that she has a new release this month. EAT ME is available at Amber Heat, and it's Lacey's contribution to the Potions, Elixirs, and Brews...Oh My! AmberPax Collection. The story is over-the-top hot, and Lacey thinks it also packs an emotional wallop. She can't wait to see if you agree with her. :)

Also, she's delighted to announce that her Egyptian Time-Travel novel, I, NEFERTITI garnered "6 Magical Wands" from Enchanted Ramblings! It's wonderful to see this older title is still holding its own out there among the myriad of fabulous new books being published each week.

Feral Magnetism...5 Flags! "This is a really hot story for those who like m/m and menage, and for shifter fans. I highly recommend it, and I plan to find all of Lacey Savage's other books and devour them immediately!" -- Annie, Euro-Reviews

Buy it at: Changeling Press

Muse Question of the Month:

Muse: You're getting ready to start a new project. What's the first thing you do?

Lacey: I break out my Tarot cards and get to work! I'm a die-hard plotter, so I like to know as much as possible about my characters and the way the story will develop before I begin writing. I find consulting the Tarot invaluable for this purpose. At the moment, I have four different Tarot decks (with two more on the way), and I pick the one that suits the story best. From there, I let the cards guide me...

Contact Lacey:


Trixie Stilletto / Karen Troxel

News from Trixie's Muse:

A ghostly haunting, an office romance, a rescue on turbulent waters, an irresistible bet, a house of dreams, and an intimate party add incredible spice to a wonderful buffet of tasty heroes from erotic romance author Trixie Stilletto. Previously available only in electronic format, these steamy stories of erotic romance have now been combined-due to popular demand-for a paperback edition which will be released in August!

Included are the stories: The Business Trip, Molding Clay, The Coming, Framed In Dreams, Hero Adrift and Party for Two.

Trixie is also thrilled to announce that her Scarecrow series will be released in paperback later this year as well! Check out for all the information.

Hot Tamale...4 1/2 Hearts! "The characters of Betsy and Roarke are definitely connected as mates. They have a special sort of ESP between them which comes in handy in times of danger, as in this story. Several supporting characters are also involved in this story including Melrose, Roarke's superior, Robert, Betsy's ex-husband, and Libby McClellan, Roarke's former partner. The joy, passion and adventure continue for Betsy and Roarke. I can't wait to read more about them. I recommend this book to everyone." -- Ellen, The Romance Studio

Buy it at: Amber Heat

Contact Trixie / Karen:


Caitlyn Willows / Catherine Snodgrass

News from Caitlyn's / Catherine's Muse:

Catherine Snodgrass' SEVEN RINGS BINDING is enjoying a nice little "stint" as one of Fictionwise's best selling books as well as one of the highest rated. You'll find an excerpt at:

Earlier this year, her Caitlyn Willows story FORBIDDEN FRUIT made her one of the best selling authors for two months!

Forbidden Fruit...5 Angels! "Caitlyn Willows has written a very moving and sexy story. Forbidden Fruit is a book that you will want to read over and over. The story is very moving and shows that love can conquer about anything. Ms Willows is a very talented author and she can write some very hot and sexy love scenes. They just keep getting hotter and hotter. Forbidden Fruit will leave you hot." -- Moonluster, Fallen Angel Reviews

Buy it at: Amber Heat

Muse Question of the Month:

Muse: You're getting ready to start a new project. What's the first thing you do?

Caitlyn / Catherine: I start making a list of character names, make notes on points I want to make, and then write out a little free-flow thought about the story itself. During the writing phase some of this will change, but it's a good start.

Contact Caitlyn / Catherine:

Catherine's Website:
Caitlyn's Website:

Contest Information

Visit the Servants of the Muse Website for details on how to enter:

Prize Package Includes:

From Adrianna Dane:
Autographed papberback of Sylvie's Gift
Excerpt CD
Images Of Desire button
Eluria's Enforcer magnet
Autographed bookmark of Graphic Liaisons
Autographed bookmark of Esmerelda's Secret
Bookmark of Legend of the Beesinger

From Catherine Snodgrass:
Autographed paperback of The Wishing Tree
Autographed postage of The Change You Take
Autographed Catherine Snodgrass bookmark

From Caitlyn Willows:
Autographed paperback of Caitlyn's Kisses Volume II
Autographed postcard of Undercover Lover
Autographed postcard of Caitlyn's Kisses Volume II

From Lacey Savage:
Autographed paperback of LOVE ME WICKED

From Linda McLaughlin:
Autographed paperback of Lady Elinor's Escape
CD: Patti Austin, On The Way To Love

From Lyndi Lamont:
Autographed paperback of Dare All For Love: An Anthology of Erotic Romance
Autographed excerpt CD
Desire: The Tantalizing Art of Seduction (book and romance kit)

From Isabella Jordan:
Autographed paperback of Midnight, Magic and Naughty Things
Bookmark and Postcard

From Karen Troxel:
Autographed paperback of Tempest
Autographed bookmark
Excerpt CD

From Trixie Stilletto:
Autographed paperback of Trixie's Treats
Autographed bookmark
Lapel pin of Hot Off the Presses

Recipe of the Month

Courtesy of Trixie Stilletto / Karen Troxel: Chocolate Cherry Parfait


1 box of sugar free instant chocolate fudge pudding
2 cups of cherries, pitted
2 cups of whipped topping
Parfait or dessert cups


1. Make pudding as directed on box using fat free milk. Let set.

2. Place a layer of cherries, pudding and whipped topping in cups.

3. Repeat as necessary when cups are full ending with cherries.


NOTE: This dessert is quick and easy and will make your family think you spent a lot of time on them even when you didn't. Also works well with peaches!


See You Next Time!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Now Available At Fictionwise

As of today, MacDougal's Rule is now available at Fictionwise.

Maxie Travis is a dispatcher for the Temple, Missouri, Police Department. Seth MacDougal is one of the police officers who she'd like to know a whole lot better. But Seth has a rule about not dating anyone he works with. Maxie decides it's time to break MacDougal's Rule. One hot summer night, she takes matters into her own hands in a unique and delightfully refreshing way.

ISBN: 1-59426-527-5 (

To read and excerpt, visit my author website.

Enjoy your day.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Cave - a short story

The flickering shadow on the wall looked like the entrance to a cave--a magical place like that of Aladdin's cave. What wonders might lie beyond that flickering light reminiscent of glowing torches, beckoning me to enter, to find out what lay beyond? What if it became like Alice's tumble through the rabbit hole, with a topsy turvy world awaiting me?

And so I stand before the flickering entrance weighing the pros and cons of what might be beyond the flickering entrance. Knowledge of course, something I do not yet know. What would happen were I to take one step--just one step to the flickering rim? But no, I think not, for I know not what lies beyond. Is that my life I see--just beyond my reach? Is it my future, or a past I would retrace? Or maybe beyond the entrance are pathways to other caverns and where might they lead and do I dare chance a wrong turn?

No, maybe it is best that I stand put as I am, not venturing into that scary beyond. No, much better for me to stand firm where I am, solid as rock, neither budging nor swaying.

But, oh, I am tempted to step into the light. So, slowly I edge closer--shuffling steps, bringing me ever nearer--so slowly.

I try to see beyond the flickering edge--into the cave, fearful of what might lie inside. An inch and I'll be there, slowly with each tiny step. And at last--with shuffling footsteps I am taken inside...

Buzzzzzzzz. And I awaken abruptly from a dream of flickering lights, and I remember as though through a fog, a cave, beckoning me, and I afraid to enter. And then in a flash it comes to me that maybe I should submit that story I've been sitting on, afraid to make that choice before now.

And I rise from my bed, eager to enter the cave with the flickering light, no longer afraid.

Adrianna (5-11-1994)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Blog Party at Lucy Monroe's Place July 24-29

Come join the fun at Lucy's place right here at Blogspot. As some of you may know RWA Nationals is next week (July 24-29) and there are a few who can't attend this year. Lucy's organized a grand blog party so we won't feel left out. Get ready to talk books, food, gossip, and make new friends. And while we're having fun getting to know each other, there are going to be goody bags given away to attendees. Lucy says there will be between three and five prizes offered DAILY. Readers and writers (both published and published) are all invited to attend.

I'm so pleased to have been invited to participate in this fun summer event and one of the prizes I'll be giving away will be an autographed copy of "Images of Desire," my Amber Heat anthology of three erotic tales.

At this writing, other authors who will be joining Lucy are Denyse Bridger, Jennifer L. Hart, Catherine Spangler, Donna Kauffman, Theresa Scott, Kate Davies, Shiloh Walker, Annie West, Pat White, Nicola Marsh, JJ Massa, Anne McAllister, Samantha Storm, Kelly Vitollo, P. J. Womack, Pam Champagne, and Jamie Leigh Hansen.

So come join the fun at Lucy Monroe's Blog Party. To find out more details, visit Lucy's Blogspot.

See you there.


Monday, July 10, 2006

The Tree - a short story

As a writer, I've written many stories over the years. I've decided to dust a few off and post them here. This is one of my short stories first composed in May of 1994.

The tree was still there, standing tall and proud in the field just as she remembered it. It was maple–tough, just as it had been when a child, maybe a little more scarred by the years. But so was she. It brought back memories of a youth full of joy, one that was carefree. She walked across the meadow, feeling the overwhelming ure to touch the trunk of the tree–to feel the hard, rough bark beneath her fingers.

She first put one hand against the bark, spreading it wide to encompass as much area as possible, then closing her eyes, she brought up her other hand and did the same. Throwing her head back, her legs anchoring her to the ground, feet apart–the memories swirled through her head. So many.

And then in a moment of sheer need, she flung her arms wide and wrapped them about the tree as tightly as they would go, its hard coldness, moist yet dry–life–she could feel the prickle of its strength beneath her cheek and her outstretched hands and arms. She could feel its power course through her whole body. The knowledge that she had needed to be here for so long thundered through her. She had tried so hard to ignore what her memories told her–shut them away until she stopped feeling and thinking. Until she was numb.

And then she knew. No longer could she wait. And she felt it through to her very core–peace. And she heard the quiet–it was tangible. Standing like that for a very long time–she remembered what had been forgotten.

She turned from the tree without opening her eyes, her back against its bark. Strong, it cushioned and held her as she slowly lowered herself to the ground, leaning her head back against its welcoming solid barrier. The very air of the meadow did embrace her. And she sank into its blanket of welcome softness. Her eyes still closed, slowly she curled into an ebroyonic position–asleep and oblivious to all else around her.

Her dreams beckoned her away to another land. One long forgotten until this very moment. And the wind caressed her as she lay sleeping with the maple standing watch as protection.

If there had been any other about they would have seen the lines of her weary face smooth away as though being gently massaged away. Her thoughts and dreams had once again made of her the child that had played in the meadow beneath the sheltering branches of the maple tree. Again carefree and happy with the energy of youth.

Monday, May 22, 2006

At the RT Convention

Believe it or not, today is the first moment I've had to try to write anything from Daytona. The convention has been great and most people have now left. I'll be off for home tomorrow ready to get back to writing.

The weather has been beautiful and having a room with a view of the ocean has been outstanding. Meeting up with lots of friends from past conventions is always a wonderful experience and meeting new friends is always great. The best part is meeting readers and hearing they've enjoyed my stories.

I'm rooming with a friend of mine from Montana and we're staying on the tenth floor. At regular intervals the pelicans run a circuit past our room. I've been trying to catch a closer shot but haven't been too lucky just yet.

In case you missed a picture or two from the Ellora's Cave party earlier in the week, here's a quick glimpse from that party. It was a fun party and the costumes were great. My roommate won one of the drawings and had a great time digging through her bag from Madeleine Oh. She couldn't have been more excited. I won one later in the week, more about that later. Think werewolves. I also gave away a Beesinger basket highlighting my Legend of the Beesinger story.

One last picture before I close today. We were walking along the beach near sunset and just kept snapping photographs. This was one I took the first day. It's kept us in stitches all week, so I thought I'd share it with you. Hope you enjoy it.

Tomorrow, I'll try to post some more pictures from our visit to the Daytona Racetrack, and a few of the other parties. I got some great pictures of the costumes at the Vampire Ball and the Fairy Ball.

Have a great day.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Life's Little Road Map to Adventure

My publisher recently came out with some new themes for stories and I was hesitating over submitting within these new guidelines because it was going to send me over and beyond my comfort zone with erotic writing. I wanted to try them, but I just wasn't sure I could do it.

You know, every now and then if you watch closely, life sends you a sign--a signal about how to proceed, and sure enough, it did that yesterday. As I logged onto the computer there was a quote setting there that gave me some direction. "Nobody got anywhere in the world by simply being content." It was a statement once made by Louis L'Amour and, really, how true is that?

Well, if I really took the time to think about it, my latest release, Sequestered Passion was a stretch for me to write with its Dominant/submissive theme. I enjoy a challenge. Don't you think when you reach for the challenge it makes the world seem more alive somehow? It energizes you. Complacency wears you down, makes the world a bit less colorful. And too much complacency makes it tasteless and drab.

I like the ups and downs of intense emotion--all of them. I like the vibrancy of colors, be it rainbow or neon, or somplace in between, and I love writing about the human condition of passion and romance, and, yes, lust--for life, for love, for non-complacency.


Monday, March 13, 2006

Remembering the Beekeeper

The last memory I have of my grandfather was visiting him while he was out tending to the bees--he was about 80 at the time and it was August. The following month I was attending his funeral. He was the last of a generation in my family--most of whom I lost over a four-year period.

He was a man for all seasons--a farmer, a carpenter, a hunter, a fisherman, an entrepreneur, a father of eight, husband for over sixty years--and a writer of poetry.

When I wrote Legend of the Beesinger it was with the memory of my grandfather in the fields, the jars of sweet honey he used to give us, and the closeness and dedication of family. In my story, Ambrosia de la Courte must sacrifice her freedom to keep her family safe. When she meets Garrick and comes to love him, she will be confronted with another heartbreaking choice. What would she give up to save her family, and to save her love? Bargains are made, and family ties are tested. But in romantic fiction, love should always triumph, don't you think?

I originally had planned to write a contemporary story about a woman who was a beekeeper. But, there was something special about her and I had to discover her family history. Did I mention I'm involved in trying to trace my own family history? Life does bleed its way into my fiction. Anyway, I decided before I started work on my contemporary story, I had to write the legend of her family. Is there anything stronger than the ties of family history?

I'm writing about my Beesinger story today because it's just become available at Fictionwise, and I'm excited about that. If you'd like to know more about my research regarding the bees, stop by my website, where I've listed a few links for sites I visited to do some of the background research. I found out quite a few interesting things regarding the mating habits of bees.

Legend of the Beesinger is a special story--an erotic fantasy about love, and commitment, and family, and sacrifice...and the oh so sweet taste of pleasure...


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New Thoughts, New Stories

The beginning of a new month and moving quickly through 2006. My son's getting married this month, my other son gets out of the Army this month. And I'll have a new release out this month. Sequestered Passion I'm excited. It will be part of the Forbidden AmberPax Collection. Find out more about it at the Amber Quill Authors Blog And this is the story of one of the characters from Sylvie's Gift. If you'd like to read a very hot excerpt for this latest upcoming erotic contemporary novella, you can visit my website.

The other exciting thing that happened in the last week or so, is that I got the new cover art for an upcoming release, Immortal Treasure. Gorgeous, don't you think? This story is about an immortal Egyptian noble and a modern Egyptologist and will be released later this spring from Amber Quill Press.

Oh, yeah, and in between those two will be Smooth Finish. Yes, I was very busy at the end of the year and early this year in writing.

I have lots of stories to share and never enough time to write. There must be at least four or five stories running around in my head at any given time. I'm constantly jotting down notes. Even when I'm in the middle of writing one story, sometimes I have to stop and open a new page just to get the story ideas out of my head. But at least then I have them available to work on later.

Ah, the mind of a writer...

Monday, January 30, 2006

Rainy Day Thoughts

Living in the state of Washington one knows that the weather usually translates to rain, rain, and more rain. I've lived here for two years and this is the first winter that I really know what that means. I can't remember the last dry day we had, and it's been pouring rain for days....

I opened the door this morning to let the dog out. Mikala and I stood in the door way looking out into the dark, listening to the rain. She looked at me and I looked at her.

"Yes, Mikala, you need to go out in that stuff. I, on the other hand, will wait right here," I say.

She looks at me. "Are you sure?" She sniffs. "I'm not really sure about this. She steps down hesitantly, looks around. "There's no one else out here?"

"Well," I say, "you're the one that said you wanted to go out."

Finally, she trots down the few steps and tiptoes onto the lawn, the very wet, green lawn, and does what she needs to do, then walks back up the steps and looks at me.

"So, are you happy now?" her look seems to say.

Well, sure I was, 'cause I didn't have to go outside. Such is the life of a dog.

Now the good thing here is that I can focus on writing. I certainly don't have the urge to go out on a cloudy day with lots of rain. I mean, I like walking in the rain as well as any other romantic, but I do have my limits. Days and days of walking in the rain--well I don't think so. So, anyway, here I am blogging away.

The end of last week I submitted my most recent story to my publisher, Amber Quill Press, so I felt pretty good about that. My paperback, Images of Desire, was released last week, so that was exciting--and what a luscious cover it has. And earlier in the month, Jebediah's Promise was released.

So all in all, it's really been a very nice month, if we don't talk about all the rain... Have a great day!