Monday, November 06, 2006

A First Review for Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood

I have a place at myspace and a good network of friends. This past weekend Maria read a story excerpt on my blog there and ended up purchasing my recent release "Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood" from Loose-Id. Since her blog is set to private, I asked her permission to use her review and am reposting it here. You can find Marie's profile at

"Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood by Adrianna Dane

I don't read vampire books.

That was a statement I could have made just last week. Therefore, as a rule I still don't read vampire books but I have made this exception. Given the chance to read a teaser from Z1 I found the relationship between Katriel and Valyn completely facinating. Just in those few paragraphs I was influenced to purchase and read my first ebook.

I was concerned about buying a book online. Cost vs quantity. Cost vs. computer downloading error. How will it be to read an entire book on a computer monitor? I love to go to the bookstore, buying a brand new book. The smell, the feel and breaking the binding as I devour it. Yes, I truely am a seriously addicted book junky. Could I stand the loss? What swayed me in the end was the fact it could be downloaded into Adobe reader and then loaded onto my PDA. Loss of the touchable book was still there but my PDA at least made it portable. It was time...I took a deep breath, stepped into the 21st century and downloaded Z1 and read it from my PDA. 229 pages. About 102,000 words. I felt like I was on Star Trek.

The Zytarri Star System located in the Aurora Nebulon Galaxy a world far, far from our own...Species decidedly different from us.

If you like futuristic Sci-fi fantasy with a gothic twist, dragons, vampires, soldiers of war, revenge, sex, poison, passionate lovers, rituals and a good old fashioned good vs evil story. This could be for you.

The villian opens the story. Gregor Korridan is a revolting, vile beast of a creature that I'm still somewhat questioning his motives. Overall I have been convinced he is outragously insane. Cross Dracula with Caligula then mix in a desire to be Master of the world and obtain revenge. Ms. Dane created a monster vampire that will stop at nothing to acheive his goals.

The romance between Katriel and Valyn was very much what I hoped. What was so much more magnificent was the story between Katriel's mother Leora and her "sec" Noah. I found myself hungry to find out more of their story. I suspect another book may be forthcoming. Hopefully, revealing more of their extraordinary story.

Ms. Dane kept me in suspense. I still wonder who all the traitors may have been. Who I thought could not be a traitor, no matter what, indeed was one. I was disappointed but it fell in line with the plot and could grow as the saga continues.

I enjoyed the play on terminology. I like how everything I ever knew about vampires was explained in one way or another. It melted into the story with hardly a thought.

I enjoyed it. I'd definately read the next book. More Please."

Thanks so much, Marie.


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