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Fearfully Delicious Now Available at Fictionwise

Now Available at Fictionwise
Just in time for Halloween
Fearfully Delicious, a Phaze release

...The night was so silent, and the wind had picked up speed. She looked up at the sky to see the shadow of a fluffy cloud pass before the face of the moon. It was an Ichabod Crane kind of night, and again, she shook with morbid anticipation. What sort of little goblins awaited?

"Well?" he inquired again.

"The cemetery," she responded, feeling as though she were caught in twilight, moving into an otherworldly sort of trance as she walked toward the open gate highlighted by Robert's flashlight.

He took her arm and guided her between the posts as they stepped across the uneven ground of the overgrown cemetery. Shadows of gravestones hovered around them. Again she shivered as a frigid breeze glanced across her skin, like a ghost passing through her.

He knows what she needs...what she fears...what she desires


They shared a passion for old vintage horror movies. but he discovered she held captive unfulfilled longings always hidden from her other lovers, fearing their scorn. Until Robert. He alone recognized the key to unlocking the secrets of her soul, and in the knowing laid claim to the essence of everything she was.

Tonight was designed for her pleasure. He'd orchestrated the scene carefully, located just the right setting. And at the stroke of midnight on Halloween night he'd command all her delicious, darkest desires to surface, fulfilling her secret fantasies, and bind her to him forever.


"How did you find out about this place?"

He smiled. "That would be telling. You trust me, right?"

Glancing at her quickly, he saw her lips tremble, the muscles in her throat tightened as she swallowed. His cock hardened in anticipation at the thought of her lovely red lips wrapped around his stiff prick, taking him deep, swallowing his seed. Damn, she was so good at that, her mouth so warm and moist.

And her silky, shoulder-length blonde hair. He enjoyed feeling it whisk across his skin, stroking his balls. He glanced quickly out at the landscape, thankful they were close to their destination, because he was ready to have her go down on him right here, as they passed through the shadowy twilight.

She turned her large, liquid brown gaze on him. He loved her eyes, the color of aged whiskey rimmed in velvet night, expressive echoes of her intense emotions. "Of course, I trust you. I was just curious."

He could smell her arousal. And her fear. Sevra loved the edge. And it was Robert's job to find that edge, keep her there, poised at the precipice, begging for release, yet protecting her from harm. In the year and a half they'd dated, and the last six months of living together, he'd come to understand Sevra very well. It gave him as much pleasure to be able to give her what she wanted––no, needed––to set the stage so to speak, as in the actual act of making love.

When he found the right recipe, her reactions were so passionate and all-consuming, he found himself totally enthralled with her sensual abandon. In every way she pleased him more than he'd ever thought it possible to be content with one woman. She was passionate, adventurous, intelligent, and loving. Sexually, there was very little she would not willingly to do with him––for him. She satisfied him in ways he'd never imagined. And she continually challenged him.

Professionally, they worked for the same investment company as investment advisors. It's how they'd first met. And as they'd gotten to know each other better, they'd found they had a lot in common, particularly in movies.

Their first date had been on Halloween and they'd gone to a special showing of Dracula with Bela Lugosi. Between the two of them, they had a large collection of the vintage horror films on DVD, but they enjoyed seeing them on the large movie theater screens.

It was also when he began to surmise something else, something, Sevra told him, none of her other lovers had figured out.

What Reviewers are Saying:

5 Stars!! ...For so short a story, Fearfully Delicious is fabulous. As the tale begins, Ms. Dane brings us characters you feel like you already know, which is essential when dealing with limited pages. ... Not only did she provide characters to cherish, she managed to have a plot and some steamy sex scenes. ... Fearfully Delicious was a joy to read and I gladly recommend others to pick it up. You will not be disappointed... --Suni Farrar, JERR

4.5 Nymphs!! ...If you like being scared, you have got to read this book. This is a short sexy read that's "Fearfully Delicious"!! Adrianna Dane does a fabulous job of giving shivers!!! --Irish Minx, Literary Nymphs

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