Saturday, July 22, 2006

Blog Party at Lucy Monroe's Place July 24-29

Come join the fun at Lucy's place right here at Blogspot. As some of you may know RWA Nationals is next week (July 24-29) and there are a few who can't attend this year. Lucy's organized a grand blog party so we won't feel left out. Get ready to talk books, food, gossip, and make new friends. And while we're having fun getting to know each other, there are going to be goody bags given away to attendees. Lucy says there will be between three and five prizes offered DAILY. Readers and writers (both published and published) are all invited to attend.

I'm so pleased to have been invited to participate in this fun summer event and one of the prizes I'll be giving away will be an autographed copy of "Images of Desire," my Amber Heat anthology of three erotic tales.

At this writing, other authors who will be joining Lucy are Denyse Bridger, Jennifer L. Hart, Catherine Spangler, Donna Kauffman, Theresa Scott, Kate Davies, Shiloh Walker, Annie West, Pat White, Nicola Marsh, JJ Massa, Anne McAllister, Samantha Storm, Kelly Vitollo, P. J. Womack, Pam Champagne, and Jamie Leigh Hansen.

So come join the fun at Lucy Monroe's Blog Party. To find out more details, visit Lucy's Blogspot.

See you there.



Stacy~ said...

Very cool idea on Lucy's part, and it's great so many authors are participating. I'm sorry I'll be missing the party - have fun :)

Adrianna Dane (Tess Maynard) said...

Sorry you won't be able to join us, Stacy. Thanks for stopping by.

kim said...

sounds greart