Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Cave - a short story

The flickering shadow on the wall looked like the entrance to a cave--a magical place like that of Aladdin's cave. What wonders might lie beyond that flickering light reminiscent of glowing torches, beckoning me to enter, to find out what lay beyond? What if it became like Alice's tumble through the rabbit hole, with a topsy turvy world awaiting me?

And so I stand before the flickering entrance weighing the pros and cons of what might be beyond the flickering entrance. Knowledge of course, something I do not yet know. What would happen were I to take one step--just one step to the flickering rim? But no, I think not, for I know not what lies beyond. Is that my life I see--just beyond my reach? Is it my future, or a past I would retrace? Or maybe beyond the entrance are pathways to other caverns and where might they lead and do I dare chance a wrong turn?

No, maybe it is best that I stand put as I am, not venturing into that scary beyond. No, much better for me to stand firm where I am, solid as rock, neither budging nor swaying.

But, oh, I am tempted to step into the light. So, slowly I edge closer--shuffling steps, bringing me ever nearer--so slowly.

I try to see beyond the flickering edge--into the cave, fearful of what might lie inside. An inch and I'll be there, slowly with each tiny step. And at last--with shuffling footsteps I am taken inside...

Buzzzzzzzz. And I awaken abruptly from a dream of flickering lights, and I remember as though through a fog, a cave, beckoning me, and I afraid to enter. And then in a flash it comes to me that maybe I should submit that story I've been sitting on, afraid to make that choice before now.

And I rise from my bed, eager to enter the cave with the flickering light, no longer afraid.

Adrianna (5-11-1994)

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