Monday, March 13, 2006

Remembering the Beekeeper

The last memory I have of my grandfather was visiting him while he was out tending to the bees--he was about 80 at the time and it was August. The following month I was attending his funeral. He was the last of a generation in my family--most of whom I lost over a four-year period.

He was a man for all seasons--a farmer, a carpenter, a hunter, a fisherman, an entrepreneur, a father of eight, husband for over sixty years--and a writer of poetry.

When I wrote Legend of the Beesinger it was with the memory of my grandfather in the fields, the jars of sweet honey he used to give us, and the closeness and dedication of family. In my story, Ambrosia de la Courte must sacrifice her freedom to keep her family safe. When she meets Garrick and comes to love him, she will be confronted with another heartbreaking choice. What would she give up to save her family, and to save her love? Bargains are made, and family ties are tested. But in romantic fiction, love should always triumph, don't you think?

I originally had planned to write a contemporary story about a woman who was a beekeeper. But, there was something special about her and I had to discover her family history. Did I mention I'm involved in trying to trace my own family history? Life does bleed its way into my fiction. Anyway, I decided before I started work on my contemporary story, I had to write the legend of her family. Is there anything stronger than the ties of family history?

I'm writing about my Beesinger story today because it's just become available at Fictionwise, and I'm excited about that. If you'd like to know more about my research regarding the bees, stop by my website, where I've listed a few links for sites I visited to do some of the background research. I found out quite a few interesting things regarding the mating habits of bees.

Legend of the Beesinger is a special story--an erotic fantasy about love, and commitment, and family, and sacrifice...and the oh so sweet taste of pleasure...


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