Monday, January 30, 2006

Rainy Day Thoughts

Living in the state of Washington one knows that the weather usually translates to rain, rain, and more rain. I've lived here for two years and this is the first winter that I really know what that means. I can't remember the last dry day we had, and it's been pouring rain for days....

I opened the door this morning to let the dog out. Mikala and I stood in the door way looking out into the dark, listening to the rain. She looked at me and I looked at her.

"Yes, Mikala, you need to go out in that stuff. I, on the other hand, will wait right here," I say.

She looks at me. "Are you sure?" She sniffs. "I'm not really sure about this. She steps down hesitantly, looks around. "There's no one else out here?"

"Well," I say, "you're the one that said you wanted to go out."

Finally, she trots down the few steps and tiptoes onto the lawn, the very wet, green lawn, and does what she needs to do, then walks back up the steps and looks at me.

"So, are you happy now?" her look seems to say.

Well, sure I was, 'cause I didn't have to go outside. Such is the life of a dog.

Now the good thing here is that I can focus on writing. I certainly don't have the urge to go out on a cloudy day with lots of rain. I mean, I like walking in the rain as well as any other romantic, but I do have my limits. Days and days of walking in the rain--well I don't think so. So, anyway, here I am blogging away.

The end of last week I submitted my most recent story to my publisher, Amber Quill Press, so I felt pretty good about that. My paperback, Images of Desire, was released last week, so that was exciting--and what a luscious cover it has. And earlier in the month, Jebediah's Promise was released.

So all in all, it's really been a very nice month, if we don't talk about all the rain... Have a great day!


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