Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Excerpt Podcast Now Available - The Exile: A Seductive Tale

The Exile: A Seductive Tale by Adrianna Dane
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Title: Adrianna Dane, Author of Sensual and Erotic Romance

Episode: The Exile: A Seductive Tale (gay erotic fantasy story excerpt)


Brotherhood of the Midnight Pearl. An island known as the Isle of Men, a place where passion among men is the rule—the only rule.. Linus Masterson, once a powerful man of authority, has left the isolated, mystical Isle of Men to return to mainland life. He left Mannos because of love and desire for one man, an initiate, he couldn't truly possess, but now he meets another man who reminds him of the object of his desire from paradise. Sam, a young, attractive waiter, wearing the double pearl earring, marking him a mainland member of the Brotherhood of the Midnight Pearl draws his heated attention. Sam's a man meant for pleasure and Linus is determined to show him how good it can be at the hands of an immortal, experienced authoritarian. Linus can only hope that in the arms of his new lover he will return to the paradise he had thought forever lost.

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