Friday, June 22, 2007

The Writing Process

One would think that after forty-some stories, I'd have the process down, but that's still not the case. Every book is different and has a personality of its own. But recently I did discover a few things out about me and under what conditions I write best. At least for this month.

1. I'm a morning person--I write best starting at about 6 a.m.

2. I'm definitely not a night person. After 4 p.m. my brain is mush when it comes to writing. No new chapters for me.

3. After about a thousand words, I have to get up and walk away and sort of re-set my brain.

4. I am a binge writer, at least for the first draft. I have to get it down and then sort it out later. Maybe this comes from the days when I did the NANOWRriMo (writing a novel in thirty days). It actually works for me.

5. When I'm in the creative process I have to have junk food. During this round I've discovered carmel chocolate waffle blizzards. That keeps me fueled. I think my treadmill misses me though.

6. And I need peace and quiet so I can listen to my characters. No music, no television, no talking. Other than with my muse and my characters. It's almost like I have to center myself and then the words will come.

I know, I'm strange, that's just the way it is.

I've written the end to the novel I've been working on. That was done yesterday. Writing "The End" is such a rush. Ever single time.

I think I paid a bit more attention to my writing process for some odd reason. I was able to say, okay this work, and this works, and this doesn't. Maybe it's something that will help me down the road--or maybe the next book is going to require something else.

Right now that book has to set for a bit and I need to let the dust settle on it. Then the fun part--the editing. I love the part where I can mold it, and tweak it, and trim it, and add here and subtract there, and shape it.

I love the process of writing. Would I be here if I didn't?

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