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Romantic Times TOP PICK! Zytarri 1: Virgin Blood

Here's an excerpt and a snippet of the review:

4-1/2 Stars, Romantic Times BOOKreviews TOP PICK!

Readers will be blown away by this dark tale of love, betrayal and revenge. The highly detailed world is occupied by complex, sometimes violent species. This is one hot story, with passionate, erotic sex in many configurations. ...The secondary cast is just as fascinating and their back stories are intense. Dane knows how to keep the suspense building... --Gail Pruszkowski, Romantic Times BOOKreviews


Katriel Saguna is heir to the House of Leah, descendant of an ancient predatory race once labeled bloodhunters. Centuries of vigilance have culminated in a guarded, civilized society able to trade peacefully with other worlds without fear of annihilation. Ingestion of blood is still a requirement for Sangorrians such as Katriel–dragon's blood being the main source for youth and unattached Sangorrians. Without it they would die. The time has come for Katriel to bond with an offworlder–the Primary Alpha chosen by her mother, Mistress Leora Saguna. His will be the only human blood she will ingest. He will become her partner, her protector, her lover–and her source of life...

The civilized society Katriel has always known is about to be torn apart. Will Valyn be able to protect her or is he already too late?


Leora rose from the bathing pool, the warm water cascading down her body, and trembled with the knowledge that her beloved Sec would be with her soon. Tish stood by the side of the pool holding up a large, soft towel, and enveloped Leora in it as she stepped from the water.

One of Noah's warriors had arrived a short time ago to inform them the contingent would reach the inner gates within the next two hours. Leora had directed the household to prepare food and drink for their arrival. Once satisfied that everything was in order, she had hurried to her own apartments to ready herself for the return of her lover.

After Tish dried Leora's body and combed her long ebony tresses until they glimmered and shone in the light, she opened a bottle of fragrant blackberry lotion to apply to Leora's body.

"Stop, Tish. Leave me. I can bear no more." Leora's skin was already so sensitized that any more of Tish's ministrations would be pure agony. Even the gentle breeze of the early evening air floating in through the window, stroking at her skin, teased her already aroused body into unbearable agony.

She waved Tish away when she would have helped her to don a burgundy silk robe. If anything else touched her body, she would scream. The only thing she wanted anywhere near her skin right now was Noah -- she needed his touch desperately.

"Is there anything further that you require, Mistress?"

She was short with Tish and she should not have been -- it was not her fault Leora's need was so great she could not bear to be near another. Taking her control in hand, she smiled at Tish and touched her hand. An aching tremor passed through her body, but she suppressed a groan and tried to focus on her loyal servant, who did not deserve the harsh edge of her impatience.

"No, thank you, Tish. If you would just see that everything else is prepared. Be certain that the room is in order for Katri's intended Predom. He will be staying in the northeast bedroom on the first floor until the bonding ceremony."

"Right away, Mistress." She turned and left Leora's apartments.

Exiting the large bathing room, Leora entered her bedroom. She surveyed the room, checking to see that all was arranged for his arrival. The bed was laid with fresh linen, new candles were placed in the iron wall sconces, and a tray of sliced fresh bread and an assortment of meats and cheeses set on a table, together with a decanter of Aurora wine. And on the table next to the bed was another decanter of turquoise liquid with one crystal goblet. Omgavita -- the vital drink of life to keep her mate healthy and well. As Noah cared for her, so must she care for him in return. She stroked a finger along the slope of the bottle, then felt liquid heat slide along her thighs from between her folds and shuddered with anticipation.

It was best she did not go down to the reception hall to meet him. He had been away too long, and her control was practically nonexistent. Who was she kidding? It was nonexistent. And the closer he came, the more sensitized her body was, a static of need surrounding and clinging, driving her closer and closer to the edge of splintering control.

Walking to the window, she focused her gaze on the gate, willing him to ride through it. Her breath halted in her breast as she watched the gatekeepers pull open the inner gates. Leaning closer to the window, she gripped the ledge to steady herself and her fingertips bit into its unforgiving, cool marble edge. Her sensitive, tight nipples brushed against the smooth, cold wall, and she hissed with the sensation.

Unable to help herself, she pushed hard, needing the cold pressure against her heated flesh. Her fingers drifted down to her engorged pussy, sliding through her juices. She stroked and circled her clitoris, needing release, yet it flitted away from her touch, and she whimpered in frustrated pain.

Then she saw him ride through the open gate. Her gaze drank thirstily at her first sight of him, the way an Ebonnian would after having gone months in the barren borders without food and drink. He sat proud and tall on the muscled bronkitor she had gifted him not long ago to commemorate the anniversary of their contract.

He brought his mount to a sliding halt before the steps of the house proper and threw the reins to a waiting groom as he vaulted off. Halfway up the steps, he stopped and spoke several words to a waiting servant, as he removed his gloves, then leaped up the remaining steps.

Weakness overcame her, the overwhelming, instinctive need of a Sangorrian female for her mate, and she stroked a hand over her needy breasts. Nothing was stronger, nothing more difficult to control. She felt the thick cream of her desire more heavily coat her thighs, and her vagina pulsed with the need to be filled. Oh, merciful heaven, let him be quick -- she could not contain it much longer. Her fangs throbbed painfully, the anticipation almost destroying her.

Suddenly, the door to her chambers rocked open with a bang, and he stood before her, filling the doorway. Unable to wait one moment more, she literally leaped across the length of the room. He caught her in his arms, and she devoured him with her mouth, piercing through his lips with her tongue, which he sucked into his own hot, greedy mouth, returning her fierce demand and pouring out his own passion. He tasted of long hours of travel, spicy dust, sweat, hot male, and driving need.

His hands cupped her naked bottom to lift and support her, as with one heel he kicked the door shut behind him. She wrapped her legs around his hips and ripped open the front of his dragon suit, exposing his solid, muscled chest.

Blindly, instinctively, she tore her lips from his and, baring her fangs, sank them into warm, firm skin. As the first molten spurts of his lifeblood struck her throat, she moaned in ecstasy as the energy of his blood sang through her, her body blossoming like a flower opening to the sun. So good, so delicious. He smelled of the hot, spicy land, tasted of male and fire, and she ravenously consumed the heady mixture.

"Ahhhh," she heard him breathe as he strode with her toward the large bed, where he sat, supporting her as she drank from him. "You have missed me," he murmured, stroking her long hair. "Take what you need, beloved, all that you need. I am here now."

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