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Podcast Excerpt for The Lion and the Rose Now Available

Title: The Lion and the Rose
Author: Adrianna Dane
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Publisher: Amber Quill Press/Amber Heat
ISBN: 978-1-60272-132-6
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Cover Art by Trace Edward Zaber

Man or beast? Mikelas, half man, half beast, caught between worlds, needs his bride desperately. As tradition demanded, he invoked the magic of the ancient marriage coin, but his Midas mate didn't answer and without her he is doomed to revert to his animal form forever. At one minute to the stroke of forever, a new scrying is performed and Rosemarie Edwards receives a very special gift meant only for a woman of Midas blood.

Rosemarie doesn't believe in fairytale love--she doesn't have faith in humanity at all. Certainly not with the memories of her tragic past shrouding her from any hope of future happiness. But an attractive messenger with an intriguing gold rose and a special invitation will send her on a savagely sensual journey that will change her life from a black-and-white existence filled with painful reminders to the full Technicolor of devastating desire.

One night of sizzling animal passion in what she thinks is a dream, leaves her with a throbbing, visible reminder of the claim of her dominant mate. How did it happen and why does she respond so intensely to the scent of the golden rose? Only by accepting the mysterious invitation to Midian will she find the answers she needs and maybe discover that there can be a happily ever after.

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The door to the room burst open and a tall, attractive man stalked in.

“Tira,” he growled.

If Tira’s face could have glowed any brighter, it did at that moment. She jumped to her feet, not even bothering to cover her bared breasts.

“Lyon,” she breathed, as he reached her, pulling her into his arms and planting a searing kiss on her lips. Tira wrapped her arms around her husband’s neck and plastered herself to his body.

Rosemarie had no idea what to do. Should she leave? Slowly she began to inch away, planning to make her way to the door.

Finally, they broke the kiss, but Lyon’s hot gaze never left Tira. Tira looked at Rosemarie and smiled.

“My husband has been away on business for a few days. I wanted to remain behind in case you arrived earlier than expected.” She turned to look up at him, and stroked a hand along his firm jaw. He returned the gesture by cupping her marked breast, a measure of possession in the touch.

He turned to look at Rosemarie. “She is the one for Mikelas?”

“Yes, Lyon. But she’s only just arrived. I believe she thinks we are all a little nuts.”


“Crazy,” she translated. “Rosemarie, Sophie will show you to your room. Why don’t you rest for a bit and we’ll talk later.

Lyon was slowly dragging her toward the door. Rosemarie could only watch them in awe as they almost moved as one through the doorway. As they passed through, she heard something tear.

“Lyon, stop that.”

“I can’t wait,” Rosemarie heard the deep-throated response. Then there was more tearing.

“Oh, God,” she heard Tira scream.

Quietly she tiptoed out of the room. She’d never been a witness to such blatant sexuality. She found bits of white silk scattered all along the floor leading to the stairs. She caught a quick glance as Lyon rounded the bend at the top of the stairs; Tira was naked, obviously riding his cock as he headed toward a room down the corridor.

She heard the bang of a door and then a loud feminine peal of pleasure. Her own pussy leaked her juices in answer to the earthy scene she had just witnessed.

A woman dressed in a black and white maid’s uniform appeared and picked up the scattered remnants of Tira’s dress. She approached Rosemarie, having gathered all the pieces, and smiled serenely.

“I’m Sophie, Ms. Edwards. I’ll show you to your room. My sister, Martha, will bring along some tea for you in just a bit. I expect you’re hungry after your long trip. If you’ll just come with me.”

Rosemarie was stunned, but she followed Sophie up the wide staircase. At the top, they headed in the opposite direction from which Lyon and Tira had gone. As they reached Rosemarie’s room, she heard another ear-splitting primal scream echo through the corridor.

But what she really wanted to know was, who was Mikelas? And what did he have to do with her?


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Cover art by Trace Edward Zaber.
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