Monday, May 12, 2008

New Paperback Anthology - Tapestry of Desire

I'm really excited about the scheduled release in May for my latest collection of erotic romance. Preorder now at I love the cover for this newest collection, which was created by Trace Edward Zaber.

Here's a little about Tapestry of Desire:

Searing desire and passionate devotion, captivating stories as varied and seductive as the land itself. From the mountains of the West to the shores of the East. From the Civil War to the new military, or in your own neighborhood. Tapestry of Desire is a rich and vibrant collection of erotic stories steeped in sensuality. A mountain climber, a hockey player, an ex-Civil War soldier, a contemporary Army captain, and never forget the boy who lives right next door. Each man will fight to claim his woman, each woman driven to possess the heart and passion of her man.

Included in this collection of stories by Adrianna Dane:

Jebediah's Promise. Captain Jebediah Holliday made a promise to his wife--one he's determined to keep. A hero's face comes in many guises.

Breathless Peaks. A mountain, a rugged man, and a powerful passion that would demand her personal best before allowing her to ascend to the summit of desire.

The Boy Next Door. Two houses side by side, one filled with hate, the other with love. He'd come back for the love. Would hate be all that remained?

Therapy. Rick's idea of seductive therapy to assist his lover in overcoming her memories of a previous love affair gone terribly wrong, might be exactly what Chris needs.

The Diary of Lillian Manchester: The Stranger. A man scarred by his past...a woman of fiery passion and spirit...and a secret mission that could kill them both...

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