Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Backyard Bunnies

So I stepped outside this morning to let my dog out. Mikala wasn't much in the mood at just that point to go out. She's older and kind of finicky. And usually, it's right when I'm in the middle of writing a really intense scene she decides then it's time to go out.

Anyway, I stood on the back step waiting for her to make up her mind when I spotted the bunny in the backyard--I mean right in the backyard almost next to the house. "Camera! Quick!" Any of my friends will tell you I usually have camera in hand, so I knew it wasn't far away. But rabbits aren't always in the mood to hang around and wait for the moment. You know what I mean?

So closing the door as quietly as I could, I ran back into the house, praying that my batteries were still good because I doubted I'd have time to change them. Yup, batteries working. First, I took a picture through the window, because who knew what would happen once the bunny heard the door squeak when I opened it? Holding my breath, and camera ready, then I carefully opened the door and stood on the step. I prayed Mikala wouldn't decide just at that moment to send off a round of barking and dash past me out the door. Phew! I was in luck. I guess she wasn't awake either.

So I focused the camera (thank goodness for zoom) and started clicking away. God, I love digital.

Surprisingly, the bunny was apparently feeling quite photogenic this morning and stayed in place for much longer than I expected as I tried to inch closer and closer. You know the dance--step-focus-snap-step-focus-snap. That one. I was surprised it was being so congenial and friendly this morning.

My dog, on the other hand, took off in the opposite direction, completely ignoring the rabbit. Good for me and good for the bunny.

So, good morning to Mr. Rabbit who stopped in to munch and chat for a bit. It was a nice start to the day. And now I need some coffee.

Considering I'm leaving for the Faerieworlds Festival tomorrow, I guess it's time for the woodland creatures to come out to play.

I do love inspiration that comes in all its forms.


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