Monday, April 13, 2009


I feel there's been quite a bit posted in the last few days regarding this debacle and doubt I need say more on the subject. GLBT has been hit hard by Amazon, but also hetero erotic romance has been hit as well. Two of my six paperbacks have been deranked.

Let's take my erotic romance collection, Esmerelda's Lovers. I checked the metatags for this story. The only tag that matches the other of my books that was unranked is: Adult, Fiction. It is the only tag NOT listed for my other four titles that are still ranked.

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Now, when you search for "Esmerelda's Lovers," you get this:

And when you search for Esmerelda's Lovers by Adrianna Dane, you get this:

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Thongs? You'll sell a pair of thongs, but not my romance?

In order to find this book, you would need to go to the drop-down menu, click on books, specifically, and search for this book by title and/or author name. In other words, this book is now excluded from general searches. And no longer has a rank. And I just did this search a couple of minutes ago.

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And for Carnal Carnivale. Meta-tags are: Adrianna Dane; Carnal Carnivale; Amber Quill Press, LLC; Erotica; Erotica, Fiction; Romance; Adult, Fiction; Short Stories (Single Author, Romance), General.

Here's what you get when you search for Carnal Carnivale:

I find this unacceptable. Shame on you, Amazon. Shame.

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