Saturday, June 06, 2009

Early Morning People Catch the View

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Well, there are definitely times when it pays to be a morning person. Although I was trying to be a bit of a sluggard this a.m. I have to say, this was a pretty big guy and breathtaking to observe. And I guess I was thankful that most mornings at this time, I'm out in the back field walking my dog. And she's not all.

I wasn't certainly, exactly if this was maybe a coyote or a wolf. I'm not good at identifying them. Hubby thought a fox at first, but way to large for a fox. He was big and confused.

The odd thing is, hubby is not a morning person, but he was up because he had a 7 a.m. conference call this morning.

This is the first time we ever seen wildlife such as this in our rural backyard.

Now I guess I could use a cup of coffee. I'm still not quite awake.

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