Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A New Year and Symbols

Last year seemed to fly by and now I'm scrambling to get ready for 2011. Being very fond of Brian Froud's artwork and often using and feeling particulary connected to "The Faeries' Oracle" cards created by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth, for Christmas I picked up the new "Heart of Faerie Oracle" cars by Brian and Wendy Froud.

To help me become more comfortable with the cards, I starting the year out by choosing one card each day.

Today's card happened to be #61, The Temptation which refers to enticement, wise choices. To me, that sort of means stop procrastinating.

"The Heart of Faerie Oracle" books suggested choosing a second card to help establish what the temptation might be with an eye toward being able to better deal with the situation. So, the second card I chose turned out to be "The Hero," #25. Strength, courage, unconditional love.

I found this interesting as just a few days ago, I did a yearly layout from "The Faeries' Oracle." In the first or twelfth position, depending on how you call it--instinct told the pull was meant to be read backwards--I pulled #4, He of the Fiery Sword. This card refers to action, will, movement, force, fire, illuminates truth, dispels non-truth.

I'm not sure where these symbols will lead me just yet, but I'm open to the signs and trusting my instincts.

I took a moment to pull out my symbol reference, or one of them at any rate )(An illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols by J.C. Cooper) and found a lot of info on the symbil of the sword.
"Power; protection; authority; royalty;leadership; justice; courage; strength; masculine principle, the active force, and is phallic with the sheat as the receptive feminine. On the metaphysical level the sword is symbolic of discrimination; the penetrating power of the intellect; spiritual decision; the inviolability of the sacred. It possesses supernatural powers, either on the earth, under the earth, or under the waters and is associated with giants and supernatural beings such as the Lady of the Lake; it is also wielded by the cosmic or solar Herom, conqueror of dragons and emonic powers..."

And on New Year's Day, just across the street from the house, a young eagle granted us with his presence and so I had to look up that symbol as well.

"Solar; the symbol of all sky gods; the meridan sun; the spiritual principle; ascension; inspiration; release from bondge; victory; pride; contemplation; apotheosis; royalty; authority; strength; height; the element of air. Thought to be able to fly up to the sun and gaze unwaveringly upon it and to identify with it, the eagle represents the spiritual principle in man which is able to soar heavenwards..."

I think it's going to be an interesting year. These seem to me to be some pretty powerful symbols. Guess I better keep my eyes open and my instincts honed.

I've added a new wallpaper to my computer just to remind me of the beauty and breathtaking imagery that's all around me.

The new year has just begun and already I have an additional two new story--no make that three new story ideas percolating. Going to be a good one I think!

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