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NEW RELEASE! Odium (Blurb & Excerpt)

Title: Odium
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Genres: Gay / Contemporary/ The Arts/ BDSM/ Voyeurism/ Exhibitionism/ Public Places
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Publisher: Amber  Quill Press/Amber Allure
ISBN: 978-1-61124-549-3 (Electronic)


One man has a taste for whips and braided leather collars, riding a dangerous dark edge; the other man wields paintbrushes, the odd easel, and concrete walls and vacant buildings, expressing his artistic passions at the dead of night, in sometimes dangerous places.

Something is missing from Chaz’s life and it’s going to kill his career as an artist if he can’t resolve it. What’s missing is passion—real, honest-to-goodness passion—and emotional connection. Without it, there is no art. In desperation to find answers, Chaz takes a job at an all-night diner, hoping something, or someone, will spark that passion.

He’s not wrong, because one night, a mysterious man with a simple tattoo enters the diner. Chaz senses something different about the stranger, and becomes intrigued when the man arrives with a different date every Friday night. And what transpires in that last booth on Fridays at midnight is enough to spark anyone’s libido.

Icarus Smith, a former slave in the BDSM world, is trying to break out of a lifestyle that has become onorous and destructive. And he has taken drastic measures to accomplish this, but it’s not easy turning to affluent clients with dark needs for the only relationships he allows himself. Things, however, are about to change.

When a new employee shows up at the diner, all hell breaks loose for both Chaz and Icarus as they fight against the unrelenting grip of fate.

Two men, vastly different, and yet some spark, some need, some danger draws one to the other. Is it simply desperation, or can this be true love, the one thing that has eluded both men until now?


"Hello there," a deep voice said.

Chaz glanced up, then quickly turned his sketchpad over on his knees. He felt the telltale heat slide up his neck and flood his cheeks. God, he was pathetic. You'd think he'd never been interested in a man before. But Icarus made him feel like some virgin attracted to a man for the first time. He remembered what that felt like, just like now. But he wasn't fifteen any longer, and Icarus Smith was most definitely not Chaz's French tutor hired that long ago sizzling summer by the law firm to pump up his failing boarding school grades. Oh yeah, far from the suave Mr. Taylor who'd tutored Chaz in more than French.

Icarus was masked in black leather, but the banded tattoo around his very muscular bicep was telltale enough as to his identity.

"Oh, hey, how are you?"

"I already saw what you were drawing," Icarus said. He hovered over Chaz, an arm raised to the silver bar above his head, as he stared down at Chaz.

"Shit." Chaz didn't know which way to look. He couldn't imagine being more embarrassed than he was at the moment. Nor more excited. "Sorry about that."

"Embarrassed at getting caught sketching me?"

"Yeah, I guess. Some people get funny about that kind of thing."

Icarus leaned in closer. His dark blue eyes were made more prominent by the confines of the bat mask. The dangerous look of the man took Chaz's breath away. "You can sketch me anytime you like. Any way you'd like."

Chaz felt the sweat break out on his forehead. Was it hot in here? He hadn't thought so a moment ago, but now it felt like a sauna.

"Uh, thanks. I'd like that."

"Maybe when we have that coffee."

God, the man's mouth was so...exciting. So expressive. Looking so tasty. Way too tasty.

"That would be...nice."

"Maybe someplace private, if you want to sketch me nude. Do you want to sketch me in the all-together, Chaz?"

"I--" Holy Christ, this man had a way of leaving him speechless. Did he do that with all the men he went out with?

Icarus chuckled. "You think about it. If it makes you as horny as it does me, you let me know and we'll get the thing done."

Change of subject would be good now. Very good. Chaz swallowed. His throat was so damned dry. And he forgot to bring a bottle of water. "Going to a party?" It was the only thing he could think of to ask. " appointment?"

Icarus tilted his head. "I'm free tonight. This is for my own pleasure." He paused for a moment, and then gave Chaz a penetrating look. "Wanna come with me?"

"I-I don't have a costume."

"You don't need one. Are you the kind of man who likes to take chances? I'm betting you are." He stepped back, and held out a hand to Chaz. A hand with big, thick fingers sheathed in fingerless black leather. Like a man asking his partner to dance. An offer to join him on the dance floor. The train slowed. Chaz shoved his sketchpad back into his backpack, slung the backpack over his shoulder. This was exactly the sort of opportunity Chaz wanted. His heartbeat quickened. And the offer came from a man he wanted more than anything to learn more about. Chaz yanked his cell phone out of his backpack. He quickly tapped off a text message, then shoved the cell phone into the backpack and zipped it up. Chaz glanced up at Icarus and then clasped Icarus's proffered hand.

Icarus gripped his hand and yanked Chaz up from the seat. He fitted Chaz in front of him between his hard body and the solid silver pole. The pole rubbed against Chaz's cock, making him want to groan. But it was the hard cock grinding against his back that really had Chaz sweating.

The train picked up speed again. Chaz gripped tightly to the metal pole. His sweaty palms kept sliding down it and he had to focus on retaining his grip.

"Ever seen a pole dance?" Icarus whispered into his ear. "Ever been to a gay strip club?"

"N-no. Have you?" God, Chaz didn't think he was going to last the night.

"I used to dance. When I first ran away from home I was seventeen, and I looked my age. The owner liked the look of me and he let me slide by. He turned me out a year later after he broke me in."

"He's your p-pimp?"

"He was then. For almost three years. And then I met another man, a different sort of man, with a different sort of club and more exotic expensive tastes. He liked me and I wanted what he offered."

"What did he say?"

"He said I had potential. How old are you, Chaz?"

"Twenty-two. Why?"

"Just want to make sure I'm not robbing the cradle. You're not lying to me, right?"

"I can show you my license if you insist. I'll be twenty-three in April."

"Hmm. An Aries. Creative genius. Adventurous. Impulsive. Someone who doesn't submit easily. Do you get spankings on your birthday? Do you like getting spanked, Chaz? Or do you prefer to be the one doing the spanking?"

Oh, God, Chaz couldn't last much longer. Although he wasn't quite sure where Icarus was going with all of this, the only thing Chaz knew was that he was in way over his head. And he loved how that made him feel. How Icarus made him feel. Totally out of control.

The car slowed and the doors shot opened. Icarus yanked Chaz away from the pole and pulled him out through the doors before they could slide shut again. Icarus dragged him along, past the platform, away from the stairs, and down along the track. And farther along into the darkness until they came to a set of stairs and a door. Icarus opened the heavy door and shoved Chaz through. The door slammed with a bang.

What had Chaz gotten himself into? ...


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