Tuesday, August 16, 2005

First Thoughts

Sinus headache last week, host server problems this week. So when will I get to find time to write? I've started a new blog here at blogspot because Bravenet has decided to introduce censorship into our longstanding relationship. So here I am, having decided if they don't like my content, I'll take all my business, my four websites, journals, etc., elsewhere.

Granted, they are large enough not to care, but it makes ME feel better all the same.

They have the right to deny service and that's just fine. But a little advance notice would have helped. After all, I'm not using their free service, I'm paying for their censorship right now. The least they could have done is have the courtesy to say "hey, you have 24 hours to change your site." Nope, no notice, no email, no courtesy.

Bye-bye, Bravenet...