Friday, September 02, 2005

I'm Okay Now...

My website is backup and running nicely with a new host, I had a new story come out last month, and another new one will be coming out later this month. Things appear to be fairly peachy right now. But let's not say that too loudly.

Several days ago I finished writing the first draft of Jebediah's Promise. I'll be working on edits this weekend for that one. I have a few questions in to my "expert" help on titles and positions and things. I'm a little nervous on this story because it is sort of a special one. More on that another time.

I was pleased when I woke up this morning to find I have a handle on another story I'll be working on shortly. I often find I need to let them simmer for a bit and then the veils sort of peel away and allow me to see where I need to go next. That happened with a scifi romance I'll be working on in the next month or so. I have the outline written but getting into the characters takes some time. One face of the relationship fleshed out for me. I really like when that happens.

Sometimes by writing the outline and setting it aside, it removes some of the stress. Think of it as gathering all the basic ingredients together, putting them in a pot to cook, and putting them on slow simmer. Every now and then you check it, maybe add a little more seasoning, and set it back to simmer. What results is a perfect melding of the flavors to create a soup, sauce, or whatever, that tastes devine. I guess that's what I do to bring my story together. It works for me.


Ted Roxan said...

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DrGano said...

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