Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I Know Your Name...

I was watching the news last night and they talked about how newscasters often referred to people as bodies or victims, unemotionalizing the situations. But then they spoke of the fact these people were relatives, sisters, brothers, children...even family pets. How right they are.

Being a member of an organization like RWA isn't strictly about policies and's about connecting with our fellow members. Nothing has brought that more clearly into focus than a time like this. It's about knowing and recognizing others need our help and support. And it's about knowing the names of those people. The help may be small or large, a prayer or a package, $5 or $500, you are in everyone's hearts--and we know your name.

Do you find that knowing the identity of someone makes you want to go that much further, give that much more? Seeing the face of a distraught child on television tugs at your heart. Seeing a family pet abandoned without the companionship of its owner makes me want to reach out.

These people may feel forgotten, but they are not. The need is overwhelming...and we know your name. Getting what you need to you may take time...but you are in our thoughts and prayers. And there are those working at the front who will make sure we don't forget your dire needs, nor who you are.

And in knowing your name, you have tied us irrevocably to your need. We are a country who supports each other. We will reach you. Our hand is outstretched to you. From this corner of Washington to the borders of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and hand reaching for another, building a strong link of connection, and holding on tightly. We will do all that we can to pull you into safe arms. You are not nameless.

I wish I could do more, but, still, I know your name...and I will not forget.


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