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A New 5-Heart Review and Excerpt from Kierra's Thread

5 Hearts!! Adrianna Dane has a special gift with science fiction and renders the worlds she creates as totally believable. The reader finds herself falling into the story from the very first paragraph, and empathising with the wonderfully delineated characters. The plot is also fast-paced, and maintains the suspense throughout. Kierra's Thread is worth reading, both by fans of futuristic and scifi genres, but also for readers who just love intriguing stories with excellent characters to captivate our imagination... --Annie, The Romance Studio ( )

Title: Kierra's Thread

Author: Adrianna Dane

Author URL:

Available Now:

Publisher: Amber Quill Press (

ISBN: 1-59279-566-8


Book 2 of the Argadia Rebellion Trilogy. Kierra Andromeda and Jarek Bakari discovered an unexpected path to love and sanity when sold in captivity to the masochistic Tribunal Leader Odon to serve at his compound on Argadia. Saved from certain death by Eluria Zydon, they became part of the Freelion Rebellion, fighting to save Argadia from the stranglehold of the power-hungry Tribunal. Yet the scars of the past continue to haunt them. Although Jarek, a Serdionese Mindwanderer, was able to protect Kierra's mind from complete destruction during their time in captivity, she is unable to physically withstand the touch of another, including Jarek. Jarek carries his own hidden scars. How much of Jarek's soul did he barter to save Kierra from certain death before they were rescued?

A slender thread binds them together, but will the violent past break through to claim them once again and destroy the fragile healing they have begun to achieve? Will the thread be severed or strengthened by at last facing the monsters which will be revealed?


He was a magnificent male, his contours honed in solid marble like none other. She knew the sheer strength harnessed beneath the supple skin stretched tight over bulging muscle.

Yet Kierra also knew he would never use that strength against her. In this dimension there were no scars on his body, but she was aware his physical form held deep, ragged reminders of his bondage.

Long, thick dark brown hair hung to his shoulders, his features chiseled, and his eyes, so unlike Argadians. They didn't change shades with his moods or the phases of his lifespan, but remained a steady, vibrant green.

When his passions were high, the rich deep color turned bright, almost vibrating in luminosity, and seemed to reach out from within, mesmerizing to the recipient of his gaze. Like now.

"You shimmer," he said softly.

"My radiance." She smiled. "For you."

She removed her overdress and dropped it to the ground. His eyes followed her movements. Narrowed as her breasts were freed. She looped her thumbs into the waistband of the silken leggings she wore.

"Slowly," his voice had turned guttural, infused with need.

And with infinite care she lowered the leggings and stepped from them, leaving her naked.

"Take down your hair."

She raised her hands and removed the pins. Two caramel-colored braided plaits fell free along her back. She reached around to drape one over her shoulder and release the intertwining strands, then did the same with the second.

"Mylonna, you're so beautiful," he said as he stepped toward her.

Her nipples tightened at the thought of his touch, his heat meeting hers. No Before, no Beyond, only Now.

This minute.

That's all that mattered.

Jarek touched her hair and she leaned into his caress. As he moved closer, she felt his energy color—rich, deep vibrations of blues and greens enclosed them both. The glaze of color stroked her body, his mind directing their path. It felt like fingers erotically massaging every inch, bring her skin to a life of its own.

"Jarek," she couldn't help the aching desire as she uttered his name. Her radiance grew brighter, a green fire matching the luminous green of his eyes. Normally, an Argadian female's radiance shimmered red, but apparently this mating with a Serdionese changed it somehow to match the burning intensity of his eyes. One day she would ask him to explain.

He placed his hands on her hips and drew her flush with his naked skin. She felt his khout, hard and thick, press along her shax, opening her. Her shax-ra released her passion, and she undulated against his long length. The fingers of color were everywhere, seductive, addicting, driving her higher and higher. His hands on her hips moved her gently along his shaft as her passion lubricated him, preparing him for her.

A spiraling heat began to build inside. She arched backward and Jarek bent to take a breast in his mouth. Shafts of light and color broke apart inside her as wavering release soared through her.

She twined her fingers in his hair, pulled him tighter to her as her radiance consumed them both.

The lips of her shax were engorged and sensitized from her release. Jarek had stopped all movement allowing her time to recover from her climax. Now he began a long, slow rhythm again. She gripped his back, a primal instinct to feel him buried deep and ride him hard and fast swamped her.

"Jarek, please. Fill me." She shook with the need, her senses so sharpened by the colors he commanded, unceasingly stroking, never with the same touch, soothing one minute, erotic the next, each sensation different from the last. First at her thighs, then at her bottom, along her arms, her face, her neck. An erotic stroking at her nipples. She was bathed in his passion, his desire. His approval.

He lifted her and impaled her. She wrapped her legs around his taut waist, her arms anchored around his neck. He pumped long and deep, again and again. She didn't want him to stop.

"Yes. Oh, Symion, this is what I want to feel. You are what I need, Jarek." Tears streamed down her cheeks at the overwhelming pleasure he offered her.

A fierce blue fire encompassed them, a cleansing heat that fused them into one being as Jarek took them both far beyond any known boundaries of the mind into the very core of heartfire, where bodies did not exist, consciousness did not exist. Only love in its purest undiluted energy existed.

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