Friday, January 11, 2008

Creating Immortal Treasure

In 2006, Amber Heat released an erotic romance of mine titled Immortal Treasure. I've recently recorded a podcast of the first chapter of this story and published it today.

Creating Immortal Treasure happened through a series of events. I started out with the story premise of an archeologist/linguist who goes to Egypt on a dig. It was interesting that a series of programs regarding ancient Egypt were broadcast right around the time I was plotting this story. It was around November, just when the large discounts houses have those wonderful glossy gift books out and I purchased one of them on Ancient Egypt. Let me tell you, it's a really big book...and I love it.

Slowly the story began to emerge and change and grow as I watched and read more and more about the mysteries of Ancient Egypt.

I often find that if I go to sleep at night pondering a story, I awake with a scene in my head, or some image that relates to my work in progress (WIP). Thus was created the mythical city of Niveka, lost long ago through the anger of the God, Ra.

In a Google search, I discovered a listing of Egyptian names, breaking them down and providing meaning to the various roots of the names. And so Khafeelamtek, First Vizier and Caretaker of the Secrets of the King, and the other ancient, immortal characters were named in this story.

And here is where the lovely Dr. Cassandra Linsey enters the picture, a woman who is chosen to reveal the secrets of Niveka.

This is what I love about story creation and why my house (let alone my office) is filled with books, books, and more books, and pile after pile of paper. Researching and reading and making notes until suddenly a bolt of lightning hits and just around another corner some exciting new revelation is revealed to enhance and bring the story and characters to life.

I have to say, I didn't want Immortal Treasure to end, there's so much more to learn about my mythical city of Niveka and the people who lived there. This is the type of thing that brings so much excitement to story creation.

A little about Immortal Treasure.

"Destiny and immortality often demand a steep price. The sands of time are running out as a seductively attractive Vizier of ancient Egypt and a beautiful present day Egyptologist are surprised to discover a shared passion that explodes into more than the borders of time, or the gods, will allow."

Listen to the podcast of the first chapter at:

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This story and the research is what led to Jewel of Niveka which is the story of a secondary character from Immortal Treasure, Sahrametatiri and the man who falls in love with her, Ben Solomon.

There's at least one more story to be told and if you read Immortal Treasure, I think you can guess whose story it will be.


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