Thursday, January 10, 2008

Taboo Ideas

Recently I purchased a set of Goddesses Knowledge cards. I wasn't exactly certain what I was going to do with them, but I have always been interested in the goddess figure and the various representations and archetypes through different cultures.

I shuffled the cards the other morning and chose one. It is interesting that it should have been "Eagle Woman." The Bird Woman Goddess is fearless, yet nuturing. She is in many respects a marriage of masculine and feminine.

The Bird Goddess goes far back into foundations of goddess mythology, one of the oldest archetypes of the goddess figure.

My time and thoughts this week have been focused on my upcoming new release, Body Parts, and the edits to another of my stories, An Acquired Taste. These are very different stories, but contain taboo elements. In particular, Body Parts doesn't follow the accepted rules of romance stories. I'm finding the more I write, the less I follow the traditional rules. It must be the rebel in me, or maybe it's just the way the story needs to be told.

Often when we read something, certain words or ideas pop out at us. These will visually be the words that touch on something important to us, that are meaningful and useful in our lives.

I read the narrative on the back of the Eagle Woman card and these are the words that spoke to me today, considering my state of mind.

"...linked with the masculine" "...vessel" [this word holds particular meaning in relation to Body Parts] "...ability to break out of millennia-old stereotypes and find a new definition..."

I didn't know what to expect when I pulled a card the other morning, but Eagle Woman certainly connected with some part of me. Or maybe I just reached out to claim what I felt was mine.

Certainly an interesting exercise for the morning. I guess I was looking for an answer, and I got it.

For more information on the cards, Goddesses Knowledge Cards are published by Pomegranate and can be purchased at Isis Books ( or another online store of your preference.


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